Ava.Adore, the new collection from Ava Corsetry, available for order starting tomorrow (May 7, 2015).  


Stella Tennant channels Ethel Granger (Guiness Book world record holder for the smallest waist) for this shoot by Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia. I would also like to give props to  Animal New York for publishing this under the heading “High Fashion Planking”. More after the beep.

Hubert Barrere’s “Corset”

Pretty things from french corsetmaker Hubert Barrere and art critic Charles-Arthur Boyer’s “Corset ” (French edition only available at Amazon as far as I can see), a new history of the ubiquitous undergarments featuring plenty of photos of Barrere’s signature pieces. [ad name=”post ad image”]

Decadent Designs Corset Giveaway

Decadent Designs has offered up this amazing burlesque inspired corset to one lucky reader, custom sized to fit! To enter to win, just visit Decadent Designs webshop, and then leave a comment here telling us your favorite item! Winner will be announced Sunday, August 22.

Corset Update

I found this look over on Lookbook.nu. What a genius way to incorporate your favorite corset with the season’s drapey, layered tops!

Looking Sharp

This Gwar-worthy corset is from from New York’s The Blonds (you may remember them for the syringe corset they designed for the SAW blood drive). The photo is from this month’s i-D magazine.


Anthracite uses the words “decadence, hedonism, foul language, chrome & junk, disposable boys, exoskeletons, and colossal coil springs” to describe themselves, just to name a few, and that sits well with me. Their shop is full of corsets, utility belts, and ponytails, so get your Black Friday on.

Foxy Man

Nadia from The Foxy Man recently posted images of her designs, as shot by Saskia Wilson.  I believe the pieces were designed for her university finals, and I do hope to see more of her work in her future.

Lick My Label

Lick My Label, by designer Linda Nurk. Found via Kingdom of Style. Hellloooo, nurse.

Combat Corsetry

I think this is just brilliant – a functional, multi-purpose corset, that give you pockets for your pepper spray, handcuffs, and your lipstick.  Way better than shoving them down your bustline, eh?  And it’s fire resistant! In all seriousness, I am quite a fan of these Tactical Corsets, and will be checking their site for […]

Fairy Goth Mother

Despite its rather clichéd name, Fairy Goth Mother is full of fabulous corsets, lingerie, and accessories.  Ranging from the uber gawth to retro, it pretty much covers all the bases for those of us that like to wear our underwear on the outside.  The prices are a bit high (especially for us Americans whose dollar […]

Skin Graft Does It Again

A few weeks ago, Zoetica, thedaniel, and I had the distinct pleasure of attending the Skin Graft fashion show during L.A.’s BOXEight Fashion Week at the Los Angeles Theatre. image via FabricMag Opening with a performance dance routine, Skin Graft is back in its sorely missed ruffles and leather motif.  As the black gown to […]

Heart Macabre

  Seeing as how it’s Valentine’s Day, it feels obligatory to post hearts and frills.   Thankfully, I actually like the pieces I found for this post, instead of the usual cheap red lingerie that infects and infests everything this time of year.  We covered a few bits and pieces in a preemptive move a […]


I love corsets almost as much as I love shoes, and for quite a while now I’ve been drooling over pieces by LA designer Puimond, whose custom work has graced the likes of Madonna and Dita Von Teese:

Louise Black

Louise Black was at the top of everyone’s list when Haute Macabre asked for your favorite Etsy sellers, and it is easy to see why.  Each item in her shop is unlike anything I have seen before, and hand stitched and fit to the individual.   Pictured above is  Victorian Steampunk Anatomical Medical Skeleton Cameo […]

Dear D&G

  Dear Dolce & Gabbana, The next time you create something as beautiful as this Metal Corset Belt, why don’t you just send it over to Haute Macabre?  I promise that we will wear it better than J-Lo  ever could.  I understand that perhaps she get a bit more exposure than we do, but just […]