DIY Bonanza: Honestly… WTF

  DIY : Proenza Schouler Scroll Necklace While looking over the nominees for this year’s Lucky Magazine FABB award, I discovered a treasure trove of DIY projects and great knock-offs at Honestly …WTF.  Go. Play. Make cool stuff. DIY: Spike Comb DIY: Luv AJ Handpiece [ad name=”post ad image”]

DIY Spats

Thanks to our last couple of articles on spats, reader Zoh Morrigan from Morrigan NYC pointed us to a DIY tutorial she did for Threadbanger, figuring you guys might be interested. Thanks, Zoh!

DIY: Reshaping Heels

These are a few pics from a fantastic DIY on Christeric . Yes, these shoes are adorable. But really, they aren’t why I’m posting this.  This is a level 5 DIY, but for those with the tools and craftiness, it shows how to reshape a heel using Bondo.  That’s a skill I could use! I […]

DIY leggings

Video from Instructables It’s Saturday morning- what are you going to do with your day? How about learn to make leggings before spring legging season is upon us? Giannyl shows us how easy it is to do, and the simplicity of the style makes it totally adaptable. I’m going to try a couple of plain […]

DIY: Upcycled T-shirt Scarf

This is my extra-special, extra blurry phone cam DIY special. This cute scarf starts out as two old T-shirts (actually, I ended up using two and a quarter as I had some bits left over from experimenting). When choosing your shirts, go for extra squishy. Note that for your $, big men’s shirts have a […]

DIY: Demeulemeester Zipper Scarf

With Ann Demeulemeester’s Spring collection (above) as inspiration, the folks at Oustapop bring you a how-to guide to making your own zipper fringe scarf.  More pictures on Oustapop.

It’s Maker Faire Weekend!

This weekend in San Mateo,  the world’s largest DIY fair celebrates it’s 4th anniversary.  Make Magazine‘s Maker Faire is expected to draw a crowd of over 100,000 to the San Mateo County Expo Center. Thousands of DIY vendors will showcase everything from robots to furniture to food. Arts, crafts, science, technology, engineering- and FASHION. Not […]

Viral Marketing

Like most legitimate news sources*, Haute Macabre is taking advantage of worldwide paranioa…er, I mean… striving to keep you up-to-date on the latest swine flu news. Whether by coincidence or not, Rosemount Australian Fashion Week, which just wound up yesterday, showed multiple masks on the catwalk. And,  as the pandemic spreads, the DIY decorative face […]

DIY: Skull Cutout Tee

Courtesy of OustaPop Trashion. I will forgo the step-by-step instructions on this one since, well, it’s pretty self-explanatory. And because if you need directions you don’t deserve to have one anyway.

Etsy : Katherina Andreeva

Katherina Andreeva is a French alternative fashion designer. Her line is inspired by “Victorian postmortem photography and fairy tales with a fetish twist”, which just might be my favorite description of anything, ever.   The shop is full of the only kind of pink I think I could ever wear, frills and fruffy with a […]

Etsy : Diva Divine 777

Australian based DivaDivine777 is a corsetier using steel boning and genuine Victorian and Edwardian patterns.  Don’t forget to watch the instructional video we posted not too long ago after you buy one!

Etsy : Twylyte

Yes, please, I would like this hanging off my shoulder.  Twylyte on Etsy has created handbags out of recycled and reclaimed materials with a fetish feel, and are vegan friendly.

Etsy : JAlvo

Jackie Alvo is the force behind JAlvo’s shop on Etsy.  A graduate of F.I.T. in New York, the now Brooklyn based designer puts together pieces that somewhat remind me of the slouchy feel of a lot of Rick Owens’ items, which immediately means that her shop is full of win.   Each item in my […]

Etsy : Larimeloom

Larimeloom is a design team based out of northern Italy.  Their shop profile page explains that each item is 100% handmade, and not even drawn out beforehand.   I just lay the cloth out and grab my scissors and cut, fingers crossed for decent results! Pictured to the left is the Black Satin Dress (paired […]

Waxing Gibbous

Portland, Oregon’s Gibbous Fashions is a collective of four designers with the same idea- renovating vintage and discarded clothing and found bits and bobs in remarkable ways. Each garment is made one-by-one, and Gibbous uses no patterns. Instead, the pieces are assembled “like a puzzle”, and each creation is unique. Deeply layered and lavishly adorned, […]

DIY: Ruffled Vest

DIY: Instructions for making your own super-cute ruffled vest from an old pair of pants, thanks to the folks at Threadbanger.