Etsy Shop of the Week: Almanac for June

Brass or White Bronze Crescent Moon Hair Fork, $72 Can you tell I’ve been spending too much time on Etsy lately?  I kinda wish I had hair right now, because I adore Almanac For June‘s Crescent Moon Hair Fork. But I don’t think this little mess-hawk I’ve got going is will support it. Sadness… Moon […]

Etsy Find: Nona Limmen

Anais print, $35 Haunting photography by the Netherlands’ Nona Limmen, much of which is available as prints, but some as everything from pillows and iPhone cases to shirts. Custom orders are also available, if you don’t see what you want. The Unknown Rider VI Print, $35 Enter the Forest Phone Case, available for most smart […]

Etsy Taxidermy Roudup

Felted Unicorn Head Wall Mount – $145 Dead things, fake dead things, stuffed things, things in jars- these are a few of my favorite things! Royal Rodent Taxidermy Shoulder Mount – $95 Double Duckling Gaffe– $40 Fetal Hedgehog Wet Prep– $30  

Etsy Find: Starry Nights Scarf

Starry Nights Hand-Dyed and Printed Silk Scarf, $160, from Miriam Dema (miriamdema on Etsy). Also check out her Across the Sky scarf.

Etsy Find: Machado Handmade

The downside to shoes handmade by one dude in Portugal is, he doesn’t make a whole lot of shoes. His Etsy store, Machado Handmade, is pretty bare. The upside is, if you can convince him to make you a pair, these are the witchiest witch-poo boots ever. I’m pretty sure just owning a pair will […]

Etsy Find: Leather Skull Clutch

Leather Skull Clutch, $350  Hand formed leather skull clutch purse, slightly smaller than life size. Accordiong to the description, ” it will hold small items but I do not advise packing it like a regular purse”.

Etsy Roundup: To The Moon

Tiny Moon Ring, $55.00 Full Moon Necklace, $74 Full Moon Necklace, $11.95 Antique 1897 Lunar Map, $24.50 Visions. Eagle Talon Crescent Moon, $230 Moon Phases Astronomy Chart, $22 Sword Wand Moon Tank, $52 La Lune Typography Print, $20

Etsy Finds: I Was Not Pushing That Time

1. Mini Planchette Oracle Necklace, $150   2. Ouija Board Messenger Bag, $56.99 3. Ouija Board T-Shirt, $37  4. Ghost Board Print, $75 5. Planchette Necklace, $15  

Etsy Find: Franken Cakes

Franken Cakes, $300 Franken Cakes, made to order by Etsy seller moovmint. These are totally customizable, as well. Not usually a style I would go for, but I’m a total sucker for baby skeletons.

Etsy Find: Crystallos Jewelry

Bronze Rat Vertebra Ring, $75 If Etsy seller Crystallos’ style looks a little familiar, designer Melisande Inness-Brown may well be familiar to you through her previous work with Antiseptic Fashion and later with Youth Diaspora. We’ve been following her career for quite a while now (and not just because she and Sam share a passion […]

Etsy find: Jenfashion

Dark blue bat sleeve hoodie, $115 I live in San Francisco. This means that for me spring, like most other seasons, has a great deal to do with layers. It means I am supposed to abandon my sweater collection for a few months, but it’s still chilly and foggy and windy out there. I am […]

Etsy Find: The BEALine

Saints and Sinners Cross Necklace, $175 Los-Angeles based designer Megan Bea’s deliciously sacriligious jewelry. Crown of Thorns Halo Headpice, $925 Mitre Reversed Cross Ring, $75 [ad name=”post ad image”]

Etsy Find: Ardent1

Misc. Bone Ring, $90 Today’s Etsy love: sterling silver jewelry from Anne Arden McDonald, aka Etsy seller Ardent1 . Oxidized Gun Necklace, $150 Square Bone Ring, $90 [ad name=”post ad image”]

Etsy Find: Joyeria Osea

Buenos Aires based artist Celina Saubidet brings us Joyeria Osea. The finger bone rings fascinate me. I don’t think I could have just one or two. [ad name=”post ad image”]