Etsy Shop of the Week: Almanac for June

Brass or White Bronze Crescent Moon Hair Fork, $72 Can you tell I’ve been spending too much time on Etsy lately?  I kinda wish I had hair right now, because I adore Almanac For June‘s Crescent Moon Hair Fork. But I don’t think this little mess-hawk I’ve got going is will support it. Sadness… Moon […]

Etsy Shop of the Week: The Last Sparrow

Duvet Cover, $129 Etsy shop The Last Sparrow features the moody, magical photography of shop owner Violet Gray presented in a number of unusual ways- as home decor, tapestries, clothing, bags, and more. Of course most photos are also available as standard prints- but why limit yourself? Shower curtain, $85 Leggings, $50

Etsy Find: Crescent Moon Earrings

Crescent Moon Earrings, $52 Had to get these big dangly crescent moon earrings from Thalassa Jewelry. Also available as a necklace ($38). Both come in a variety of finishes including brushed, matte, shiny, and oxidixed- but hammered silver seems to me to be the perfect way to capture the moon.

Nobody Expects the Etsy Inquisition

In a rather surprising move for an online community that prides itself on being offbeat, wacky, and underground, Etsy has banned the sale of spells and other ‘metaphysical items’. Previously, selling spells was fine as long a) the seller warned you that they might not work, and b) some tangible item was provided. Under the […]

Etsy shop of the Week: Mirimirifashion

Sheer Silk Hooded Dress, $129 Veteran designer Kaye Costello’s Etsy shop, Mirimirifashion, chooses to do only a few things- but to do them well. And the main thing she does is hooded dresses with some shrugs and boleros scattered in, focusing on that fine line where fashion meets cozy. As someone that lives in the […]

Etsy Shop of the Week: vladimirsart

Finnish illustrator Vladimir Stankovic creates portraits and biological illustrations inspired by mythology, cryptozoology, science fiction, and fantasy. I am particularly enamored of his portraits of The Greys, but his Etsy shop offers a wealth of prints ranging from the Abominable Snowman to some wonderful mash-ups of cephalopods and beetles, the Cephalopodoptrea. The Grey V, Print, […]

Etsy Shop of the Week: Maria Queen Maria

Deconstructed Coat, $139 This week’s Etsy Shop of the Week is Maria Queen Maria- deconstructed fashion for the forward-thinking.  Clothing is made to order, so customization of colors, lengths, etc. is available. Plus sizes available at regular price And just to sweeten the deal the entire shop is 15% off this month for Valentine’s day […]

Etsy Shop of the Week: Mothmeister

This week’s Etsy Shop of the Week is Mothmeister, photographic prints and postcards from Wounderland. Bizarre tableaux featuring taxidermy and costumed nightmares, beautifully shot, starting at $4.  Order a full set and send them back to the office next time you go on vacation.

Etsy Shop of the Week : Holly Bobsuthi

Crescent Moon Knotted Leather Necklace, $250 Oakland artist Holly Bobsuthi hand crafts big, chunky, not-quite-abstracted statement necklaces in moons,  evil eyes, and more. Of course, she also makes the itsy bitsiest little moon rings you ever did see. I’m in love with her moon phase designs, which somehow look almost like a person when strung […]

Etsy Shop of the Week: Martha Rotten

  Jackalopes! Jackalopes! Jackalopes! And other stuff, too. Like mer-babies. Pewter jewelry  from Baltimore artists Francene & Pete Yorko available through this week’s Etsy Shop of the Week, Martha Rotten.  

Etsy Find: Nona Limmen

Anais print, $35 Haunting photography by the Netherlands’ Nona Limmen, much of which is available as prints, but some as everything from pillows and iPhone cases to shirts. Custom orders are also available, if you don’t see what you want. The Unknown Rider VI Print, $35 Enter the Forest Phone Case, available for most smart […]

Etsy Find: Machado Handmade

The downside to shoes handmade by one dude in Portugal is, he doesn’t make a whole lot of shoes. His Etsy store, Machado Handmade, is pretty bare. The upside is, if you can convince him to make you a pair, these are the witchiest witch-poo boots ever. I’m pretty sure just owning a pair will […]

Etsy Roundup: To The Moon

Tiny Moon Ring, $55.00 Full Moon Necklace, $74 Full Moon Necklace, $11.95 Antique 1897 Lunar Map, $24.50 Visions. Eagle Talon Crescent Moon, $230 Moon Phases Astronomy Chart, $22 Sword Wand Moon Tank, $52 La Lune Typography Print, $20

Etsy Finds: I Was Not Pushing That Time

1. Mini Planchette Oracle Necklace, $150   2. Ouija Board Messenger Bag, $56.99 3. Ouija Board T-Shirt, $37  4. Ghost Board Print, $75 5. Planchette Necklace, $15  

Etsy Find: Crystallos Jewelry

Bronze Rat Vertebra Ring, $75 If Etsy seller Crystallos’ style looks a little familiar, designer Melisande Inness-Brown may well be familiar to you through her previous work with Antiseptic Fashion and later with Youth Diaspora. We’ve been following her career for quite a while now (and not just because she and Sam share a passion […]


Portlander Angela Thornton is the woman behind each piece created for M O R P H Knitwear. Finding more women influenced by the macabre and creating beautiful objects and wares with that in mind is one of my favorite parts about contributing to Haute Macabre, and M O R P H does just that. Using […]

Etsy find: Jenfashion

Dark blue bat sleeve hoodie, $115 I live in San Francisco. This means that for me spring, like most other seasons, has a great deal to do with layers. It means I am supposed to abandon my sweater collection for a few months, but it’s still chilly and foggy and windy out there. I am […]

Sleepless Storyteller

Our advertiser, Sleepless Storyteller, is excited to announce the launch of a new website,! After several years of bouncing around between Facebook, Twitter, and her personal site,, Sleepless Storyteller designs finally have their own home. Browse between a large selection of her best designs, including custom orders and one-of-a-kind creations never posted online. Read […]

Etsy Find: Lookalikes

Vintage Men’s Moss Agate Ring, Sz. 14, $95  I am totally enchanted by how much this vintage moss agate ring (men’s, and far too large for me, sadly) resembles a flock (platoon? herd?) of UFO’s. And, yes, my new iPhone case. Because, I really am that much of a dork. I Want to Believe iPhone Case, […]

Black Gold

  I’m a little divided on this one. On the one hand, I’m in love with the look of this series of  “black gold” and sapphire rings from Etsy seller artmasters. However, these rings are anything but cheap ($1500-$2000), and the metal used here is actually white gold with a black rhodium alloy overlay which […]

Sleepless Storyteller

Please welcome our newest advertiser, Sleepless Storyteller Sleepless Storyteller is a jewelry brand for alternative fashion fans with a penchant for steampunk, cyberpunk, sci-fi, and general geek-chic. Each exceptionally odd piece features materials like recycled glass, gadgets, home computers, vintage jewelry or toys, electronic components and the occasional found object. Made by an eccentric novelist, […]

Etsy Find: The BEALine

Saints and Sinners Cross Necklace, $175 Los-Angeles based designer Megan Bea’s deliciously sacriligious jewelry. Crown of Thorns Halo Headpice, $925 Mitre Reversed Cross Ring, $75 [ad name=”post ad image”]

Black Friday Advertising Sale

To celebrate that time of year spent frantically shopping for loved ones, we’re offering a special holiday advertising rate to our always awesome small business friends. Run a Rectangle Ad from Black Friday until New Year’s Eve, including a front page introduction post for $100. Why? Because we’d rather see our readers shopping with you […]

New Advertiser :: Miyu Decay

Please welcome to our newest advertiser :: Miyu Decay! Miyu Decay amalgamates macabre fineries with varying accoutrements of the Old World. Find Miyu Decay on Etsy and like their Facebook page! [ad name=”post ad image”]