Stella Tennant channels Ethel Granger (Guiness Book world record holder for the smallest waist) for this shoot by Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia. I would also like to give props to  Animal New York for publishing this under the heading “High Fashion Planking”. More after the beep.


Shot by Mert and Marcus for the Sept. 2011 issue of  Interview.   [ad name=”post ad image”]


The legendary Claudia Schiffer gets kinky(ish), shot by Miles Aldridge for Vogue Germany.   [ad name=”post ad image”]

Shoeturday: Colorless Murder Feet Objects

You read that correctly. Don’t call them “shoes”. Shoes are for walking in. These are for…well, the designer quotes  legendary shibari photographer Nobuyoshi Araki in the description, if that tells you anything, Colorless Murder feet objects, horsehair and cherrywood, $3,462.00. [ad name=”post ad image”]

New Advertiser : Hedony Design

Please welcome our newest advertiser, Hedony Design! Hedony Design, by Josselin Guichard, is a wearable fetish and latex fashion line. It brings together the couture and fetish traditions, mixing rubber with silk and lace to create pieces that are flattering, sexy, and fun.  From reinvented basics to stunning full-length gowns, each piece is handmade by […]

I Like Tush #1

I think I have used photos from almost every editorial from  Tush Magazine #1 2010. The blend of fashion and fetish just keeps making me happier and happier. In this case, Armin Morbach’s photos of Ranya Mordovana in the unlikely combination of  Mui Mui, YSL, and a hood from Boutique Bizarre rock my socks. Styled […]

Back in Bordelle

Back in March, I said how I’d pull a Madonna and wear it on the outside if I ever got my closet full of Bordelle’s lingerie.  I still mean it, especially after seeing the previews of their Fall / Winter 09 line.  It’s got a hint of Blade Runner, a hint of The Fifth Element, […]

Fleet Ilya

I ran across this photo over on Dirty Flaws.  Shot by Nick Haymes for i-D Magazine (April 2009), it reminded me rather strongly of the metal puppy mask in Dazed and Confused’s Dark Magic shoot, which I’ve been lusting over ever since I saw that pictorial. It turns out to be the same one, and […]


My new darling little French friend has introduced me to a latex shop that I cannot believe we missed during Etsy week.  HMSLatex is a Paris based latex designer, whom is a self-proclaimed latex fetishist.  I am a latex fetishist even if to me the pleasure it gives is more sensual than sexual. Its feel, its […]

Etsy : Diva Divine 777

Australian based DivaDivine777 is a corsetier using steel boning and genuine Victorian and Edwardian patterns.  Don’t forget to watch the instructional video we posted not too long ago after you buy one!

Etsy : Twylyte

Yes, please, I would like this hanging off my shoulder.  Twylyte on Etsy has created handbags out of recycled and reclaimed materials with a fetish feel, and are vegan friendly.

Etsy : Decadent Designz

Decadent Designs is another Haute Macabre favorite, a Toronto based company specializing in alternative clothing for women.  Designer Olga’s biography quotes, “Olga had discovered her passion for clothing design at a young age, when she was a  small child, she used to dig holes in the ground in the hopes of finding a treasure chest […]

Parlor of Incognita

Madame Khufu is the maker of leather masks, both custom and ready to ship.  Each mask is hand made, and ranges in price from $40 to $200.  Visit their online shop (not entirely SFW) or their Etsy shop for more custom masks.  

Dark Magic

Photography by Mariano Vivanco for Dazed and Confused, August 2008