Shot by Korlay Parlak for Marie Claire Turkey. The shirt in the second photo seems like one of those looks that would be fairly easy to pull off from things you already had lying around, and gives a totally new outline to a low-cut top. [ad name=”post ad image”]

Dead Love

Shot by Zeb Daemon for Carbon Copy #6 [ad name=”post ad image”]

A Little Restraint

Shot by Rankin for Fleet Ilya. There are lots more on the Fleet Ilya site, including a video version of the makeout above, starring Sophie Willing and HM darling Jethro Cave. It is definitely NSFW. [ad name=”post ad image”]

Big Gary P.

Gareth Pugh’s designs form the centerpiece for this shoot by Terry Tsiolis for Pony Step #1. Nice debut, Pony Step! What we have here is a mink stole that would actually be enhanced by a proper PETA bloodbath. Their wee little faces are so creepy… [ad name=”post ad image”]

Covet Garden: Secretary Skirt

OK, the picture is trashtastic. But try to get past the big blond hair and just oogle the skirt- powermesh and light boning to flatter, built-in garters,  and on sale at $131.60 at Faire Frou Frou.

Philosphy in the Bedroom

Photos by Remi Rebillard, via fashionishing Oh how I would love to one day walk into a fetish club where people were dressed like this! The sad fact of fetish fashion is, it’s boring. It’s predictable. It often looks like a uniform, and not the sexy cop kind. Yes, corsets are terrific and flattering. No, […]

Olga and Flower

Olga and Flower, shot by Greg Lotus for Tush Magazine #18 2009. Styled by Sascha Gaugel, Ballsaal


If I’m evil, why are you satisfied? Shot by Txema Yeste for Tush Magazine #1 Styling by Alberto Murta NSFW after the jump…

Femme Fatale

Femme Fatale, shot by Patrick Demarchelier for Vogue Germany (August 2009) Featuring lots of goodies from Fleet Ilya. NSFW after the beep

All Bound Up

All fetish photography should be this awesome. Photography by Herring & Herring for Z!nk Magazine. Styled by Mykel C. Smith and Katie Collins more after the beep

Fleur du Mal

Fleur du Mal, shot by Joshua Allen for Tush #4 2009 NSFW after the jump


Anthracite uses the words “decadence, hedonism, foul language, chrome & junk, disposable boys, exoskeletons, and colossal coil springs” to describe themselves, just to name a few, and that sits well with me. Their shop is full of corsets, utility belts, and ponytails, so get your Black Friday on.


“Anima”, shot for Dansk Magazine F/W ’09 by  Signe Vilstrup even less work safe after the jump

Wicked City

The fetish trend in mainstream fashion seems to be back in force. These shots are from Germany’s Stern magazine (oddly, NOT a fetish publication).  The editorial is “Wicked in Berlin”, shot by Mario Testino. And yes, there are those Nina Ricci boots after the jump. Again. NWS after the jump.

Paul Seville

Exceptionally crafted and elegantly designed, Paul Seville‘s Boudoir Collection is decadence incarnate.  His intricate leatherwork corsets, masks, belts, and restraints would be wasted staying in the bedroom. OK, maybe not exactly wasted.. More pictures after the jump!

Acts of Perversion: Jaiden rVa James

“Ophelia’s lust and sexual desire for Hamlet drew her to madness, depicted in the robust leather and sinister rubber fabrics that run throughout the collection. The designers have taken a view from an institute for the insane for this collection, from self harmers in straight jackets to those more calm and composed in more fluid […]

Combat Corsetry

I think this is just brilliant – a functional, multi-purpose corset, that give you pockets for your pepper spray, handcuffs, and your lipstick.  Way better than shoving them down your bustline, eh?  And it’s fire resistant! In all seriousness, I am quite a fan of these Tactical Corsets, and will be checking their site for […]

DIY Latex

Fantastic site alert : Making Latex Clothing. It’s exactly what it sounds like, a step by step instruction guide for making your own latex wears from leggings to headbands, body suits to furniture, and is loaded with tips and tricks.  If my house wasn’t full of cats, I’d be making latex footstools, but the claws […]

Kiss of Death

So, maybe I’m wishing I was in London this weekend for the Torture Garden Birthday Bash…. Photographer: Miles Aldridge, Vogue Nippon, 2008

Season of the Witch

Agent Provocateur’s Witch collection is still amazing.  We posted about it a few months back, but I just found these images from it, called Season of the Witch. Be warned, it’s super hot, and therefore not entirely SFW.

Happy Birthday, Torture Garden!

Upcoming UK Event: Torture Garden’s Birthday Bash! Saturday, May 16th, 2009, at seOne (London, of course). The grande dame of fetish clubs is throwing herself a birthday party, and you’re invited. Torture Garden’s blowout fetish extravaganza promises to be HUGE, with 18 DJs and 2600 people expected to attend.  Amongst the US perverati delegation will […]

Fleet Ilya

I ran across this photo over on Dirty Flaws.  Shot by Nick Haymes for i-D Magazine (April 2009), it reminded me rather strongly of the metal puppy mask in Dazed and Confused’s Dark Magic shoot, which I’ve been lusting over ever since I saw that pictorial. It turns out to be the same one, and […]

Peacock & Strutt

My newest object of affection is Peacock & Strutt.  I have full intention of pulling a Madonna and wearing my knickers on the outside once I start placing orders from them.  I am especially smitten with the Fresh Foundations by Made by Niki and Bordelle lines, but I really do think first on my wishlist […]


My new darling little French friend has introduced me to a latex shop that I cannot believe we missed during Etsy week.  HMSLatex is a Paris based latex designer, whom is a self-proclaimed latex fetishist.  I am a latex fetishist even if to me the pleasure it gives is more sensual than sexual. Its feel, its […]

Twisted “Dreams”

Photos from Zink Magazine, September ’07 issue, “Dreams” editorial Photographer: Eugenio Recuenco

Etsy : Katherina Andreeva

Katherina Andreeva is a French alternative fashion designer. Her line is inspired by “Victorian postmortem photography and fairy tales with a fetish twist”, which just might be my favorite description of anything, ever.   The shop is full of the only kind of pink I think I could ever wear, frills and fruffy with a […]

Etsy : Twylyte

Yes, please, I would like this hanging off my shoulder.  Twylyte on Etsy has created handbags out of recycled and reclaimed materials with a fetish feel, and are vegan friendly.

Etsy : Decadent Designz

Decadent Designs is another Haute Macabre favorite, a Toronto based company specializing in alternative clothing for women.  Designer Olga’s biography quotes, “Olga had discovered her passion for clothing design at a young age, when she was a  small child, she used to dig holes in the ground in the hopes of finding a treasure chest […]

Parlor of Incognita

Madame Khufu is the maker of leather masks, both custom and ready to ship.  Each mask is hand made, and ranges in price from $40 to $200.  Visit their online shop (not entirely SFW) or their Etsy shop for more custom masks.  

The Haute List : $50 or Less

$50 or Less Corset Bandage Dress †   Strappy Wedge Sandal  †  Tell Tale Heart Hoodie Metropolis Bolero  †  Shirred Lace Overlay Ruffle Dress  †  Mandarin Collar Coat  Michael Antonio Jackson Ankle Boots  †  Inner Tube Purse  †  Ephemera Bracelet Just to let you guys know, starting next week, we’re moving The Haute List to Monday!