Shoeturday: Colorless Murder Feet Objects

You read that correctly. Don’t call them “shoes”. Shoes are for walking in. These are for…well, the designer quotes  legendary shibari photographer Nobuyoshi Araki in the description, if that tells you anything, Colorless Murder feet objects, horsehair and cherrywood, $3,462.00. [ad name=”post ad image”]


If I’m evil, why are you satisfied? Shot by Txema Yeste for Tush Magazine #1 Styling by Alberto Murta NSFW after the jump…

Feet Fatale

We all like to think of ourselves as Femme Fatales, so let’s emphasize on the Fatal bit.  A few weeks ago, we had Brass Knuckle Platform Heels in our Haute List, and Trend de la Crème has went one step further.  Go polish up that shoe arsenal you’ve already got, and add some weaponry to it.  Pictured above […]

Pony Boy

Oh hello, super fetish shoes that I know I’d never be able to walk in.  Can we be friends anyway?  I could lounge about wearing you, and you’d look fabulous on my feet.  Perhaps I could learn how to tap dance, or go all out and get a saddle and a tail (although I’m not […]

Metal Macabre

Why, hello there, affordable and strange looking shoes!  Let’s be friends, shall we?   You and my little feet shall be dear companions.   These 6.5″ Round Metal Heels are an unbelievable $149.99 at Snaz75.  Be warned, browsing through that site feels a bit like walking down Hollywood Blvd., but not in the fun, dirty […]

Go-F@#%!-Yourself Pumps

If it seems like I just can’t get enough of Christian Louboutin lately, you’re probably just paying attention. These little beauties were produced for Rodarte’s runway show, and are currently listed on the Louboutin website as “price on request”, which probably means I don’t even want to know. The search for knockoffs begins…