Atelier Katarzyna Konieczka

I believe we have mentioned Polish designer Katarzyna Konieczka in the past, but I stumbled across some pictures of her work I hadn’t seen before, and as always I’m totally smitten with her gritty combinations of couture and medical fetish. [ad name=”post ad image”]


The legendary Claudia Schiffer gets kinky(ish), shot by Miles Aldridge for Vogue Germany.   [ad name=”post ad image”]

Rope Burn

More pretty things from Pierre dal Corso.   Nipples after the beep…. [ad name=”post ad image”]

Covet Garden: Secretary Skirt

OK, the picture is trashtastic. But try to get past the big blond hair and just oogle the skirt- powermesh and light boning to flatter, built-in garters,  and on sale at $131.60 at Faire Frou Frou.

The Flirtation Between Fetish And High Fashion

Seductive. Hauty. Elusive. Expensive. The aesthetic of latex, a glossy “second skin,” carries a certain cachet with it: Namely, one by which the audacious, highly theatrical fashion shows of  Thierry Mugler (circa ’80s/’90s haute couture) made for a spectacular pairing. [nipped wasp waists :: architectural silhouettes :: black fabric shimmering as light refracts :: eva […]

All Bound Up

All fetish photography should be this awesome. Photography by Herring & Herring for Z!nk Magazine. Styled by Mykel C. Smith and Katie Collins more after the beep

Etsy : Diva Divine 777

Australian based DivaDivine777 is a corsetier using steel boning and genuine Victorian and Edwardian patterns.  Don’t forget to watch the instructional video we posted not too long ago after you buy one!

Pony Boy

Oh hello, super fetish shoes that I know I’d never be able to walk in.  Can we be friends anyway?  I could lounge about wearing you, and you’d look fabulous on my feet.  Perhaps I could learn how to tap dance, or go all out and get a saddle and a tail (although I’m not […]

Metal Macabre

Why, hello there, affordable and strange looking shoes!  Let’s be friends, shall we?   You and my little feet shall be dear companions.   These 6.5″ Round Metal Heels are an unbelievable $149.99 at Snaz75.  Be warned, browsing through that site feels a bit like walking down Hollywood Blvd., but not in the fun, dirty […]

Antiseptic Fashion

  Antiseptic Fashion is the work of Billy Vahan and Stella Maris.  It is setting the standard for angular post-apocalyptic fashion, creating deconstructed and stitched corsets, collars,  gauntlets, and other leather work for both the ladies and the gentlemen.  For orders, please use their Contact page for quotes on existing pieces or custom.  Be warned, […]

Britney Spears teams with Syren Latex

Venerable latex manufacturer Syren Couture has teamed up with venerable train wreck Britney Spears to market off-the-rack pieces inspired by the outfit Syren produced for Britney’s “Womanizer” video. The snap-front, tuxedo vest inspired “Brittney” vest is $199.00 from Syren. Shown here with “Muir” cap, also worn by the pop tart in her video. *please note, […]