Needful Things (periodic staff favorites!)

Our end of 2017 round-up of staff favorites was so much fun to do, and was so well received, that we thought we might make a semi-regular feature out of it! Read for an eclectic assortment of odds and ends that the Haute Macabre writers are digging on lately, and be sure to share some […]

Fluevog Open Source

I finally had some time this weekend to browse over Fluevog’s Open Source Footwear section, where they are accepting designs and ideas from the general public for future styles.  It works just like open source software, meaning that once your design is uploaded, it is property of the public domain and you will not receive […]

Berlin Lust

Fluevog has released a new stiletto, and it belongs on my feet.  I’ll take the Berlin Mitte, in black, size 6, please. I am full of want.