2019 Weenies From Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

Weenie time, weenie time! It’s Weenie time at Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab! I think I can skip the preamble this year and get right into it. I mean, I could very well wax poetic about my love of autumn leaves and long, dark nights and bloody harvest moons and spooky Halloween feels, but I’m pretty […]

Every Trap Door Is In Good Repair: An Addams Family House Of One’s Own

I’ve never been much for those jaunty seasonal holiday villages that spring up, overnight, on folks’ hearths and shelves, and whatever free counter space they choose to junk up with such things. Never, that is, until now–for I have found the perfect Halloween village scene for those who love all things creepy, kooky, mysterious ,and […]

31 Days of Horror: Days 16-31

I made it! I ended the month of October having watched some form of horror-related media every single day. I won’t say “horror movie,” as I don’t want to get called out on a technicality–some of these aren’t actually movies. Let’s just say I got creative with the concept. Also, I do want to thank […]

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab 2017 Weenies

Apologies, all! It’s the most wonderful time of year–it’s WEENIE time of year–and your faithful reviewer has been laid up with violent food poisoning. I am sorry to say that with the ol’ tum in turmoil, the last thing I have wanted to smell over the past week was Pumpkin Spice anything.  I am feeling […]

Halloween 2016 from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab: A mini review

There’s something strange and lovely wafting in the wind, and it’s not just the rustle of the dying leaves or the murmurs of the restless dead in their unquiet graves. Can you feel it, too? Can you smell it? Can you smell the boozy swoon of ripe harvest fruits and the smoky crackling bonfires to light […]

MAC + Rick Baker for Halloween 2013

MAC may have outdone themselves this year for their Halloween collection :: teamed with special effects master Rick Baker, this year’s holiday collection is complete with looks for a monster bride, spider queen, and zombi (just to get started). Don’t recognize Rick Baker’s name? Maybe instead you’ll recognize the work he’s done on films such […]

MAC Monsters

MAC released its Halloween looks, along with step-by-step instructions on how to apply the makeup on their Facebook Fan Page.  Featured above is the Meisterfreeze, which I think I’ll be trying out on my roommate tomorrow morning.  If it comes out decently enough, I’ll post pictures! Deadly Dame &dagger  Gator Madame Mask &dagger  All Souls


I don’t have much time to dedicate to posting today, as I’m hosting a pumpkin carving party. So, I looked up some Pumpkinspiration and figured I would kill two birds with one stone. I think I just coined a word. Those pumpkins were awfully pretty, but just in case you would prefer a postapocalyptic party […]

RockLove Halloween Giveaway!

Haute Macabre and RockLove Designs have teamed up for a Halloween giveaway! RockLove is offering one piece from the unreleased Imperial Collection, inspired by pre-1900’s communist military buttons and sovereign regalia in sterling silver, vermeil, and 14K.  Hand carved and cast sterling silver, four fleur-de-lis center a faceted black or blood red garnet, The Maltese […]