James Jean Jewelry

Perfect, delicate porcelain anatomical jewelry from artist James Jean– the vertebra pictured below are stackable rings, the pelvis and skull sets are necklaces. These are from 2012- and no, I didn’t find them available for sale anywhere.

Need a Hand?

It’s October. The Walking Dead is on again. These are my excuses for how much I love this Zombie Arm Ring, by Vintouch on Shapeways.

Do Want.

Pamela Love Diamond Pentagram Ring. Yes, over and over again. I’d be ok with the matching earrings, too. [ad name=”post ad image”]

Word of the Day: Druzy

Druse (geology) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia In geological usage druse or druzy is a coating of fine crystals on a rock fracture surface, vein or within a vug or geode. ___________________________________________   Honestly, after high school I was pretty sure I would never own another piece of crystal jewelry. Every piece of quartz I […]


Bevel NYC S/S 2012 Hard X SoftWear Styling : Masayo Kishi Photography : Chito Yoshida Model : Sui via Jonathan Goldstein [ad name=”post ad image”]

Etsy Find : Adelina Mictlan

A few days ago, I asked Twitter if married ladies wear other rings besides their wedding band.  It was entirely because of finding this on Etsy (it’s even in my size!!). I’m a little bit in love with Adelina Mictlan’s jewelry. [ad name=”post ad image”]

New Advertiser : Ghostlove

      Please welcome our newest advertiser, GhostLove! Ghostlove features nine distinct collections of unique jewelry and accessories, specializing in Modern Mourning, Gothic Lolita, Neo-Victorian, Steampunk, and Macabre. All the pieces are exclusive, handmade designs, infusing elements both modern and vintage to create fresh new looks with a ton of personality. The designer, Dawn […]

Out on a Limb

  Double Branch Silver Ring, $55  †  Veggiescape Mushroom Ring, $89  †  Branch Lariat, $949 Treebeard Ring, $45 †   Nymph Necklace, $68  †  Budding Twig Bangle, $115 Fairytale Forest Ring, $26.99  †  Sterling Willow Cuff, $265.00 †   Maple Limb Cuff, $75 Inspired by the twig rings from Chronicles of Never that I posted yesterday, I […]

Better than Coffee

Every now and again, I get an email from Mr. Catalyst pre-dawn on a school night, with an all caps subject line, and the content full of hearts, exclamation points, and links.  Today, I woke up to this, it was better than coffee.

Birds of a Feather

Tithi Kutchamuch‘s “Companion Parrot” is a sculpture and necklace in one. The sculptural body actually serves as a proper resting place for the necklace, which includes the bird’s skull, heart, and entrails: Thanks to HM reader Silvia for the heads-up on this one!

Secret Garden

French jewelry designer Lydia Courteille brings us extrordinary bijoux inspired by the natural world: fruits and flowers, frogs and spiders, and some of the most interesting skull rings I have seen in a very long time. In addition to her jewelry itself, her website is full of eye-popping mixed media images by artist Natalie Shau. […]

Loved to Death

Loved to Death is an online boutique featuring a wee bit of taxidermy, some antiques, some art (including some very reminiscent of Monique Motil‘s work) and a lot of unusual jewelry made with taxidermy bits, bones, and other animal remnants.  Prices seem reasonable for the materials involved- how often do you come across a sparrow-wing […]

Cameo Appearance

The cameo dates back to 6th century BC Greece, and were very popular in Ancient Rome.   It is a method of carving with a raised image, typically worn as a piece of jewelry.  Cameos have had periodic revivals in popularity, especially in the early Renaissance, Neoclassical France by Napoleon, and most notably by Queen […]