Digital Death

Digital Death was a fundraising project for HIV/AIDS work in Africa and India, in which celebrities underwent a “digital death” (which is to say, stopped Tweeting and Facebooking), and their fans donated money to bring them back to life. It was a grand success, raising well over the million dollars they hoped for- it seems […]

Lady Gaga’s Cobbler

Designer Noritaka Tatehana, referred by the press  Lady Gaga’s Shoe Guru, recently gave an interview to MTV. The previously unknown student (he just graduated from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts) seems to be doing an excellent job of turning Gaga’s platform addiction into a recognizable, viable brand of his own.  All this at the […]

Bad Song. Good Video.

I highly recommend taking the time to play Skinny Puppy’s Wrong Rip Fixin instead of the song that comes with this video. The time signature is the same, and I promise that the entire experience will be vastly improved. Please note the grill on the cat. Edited to Add : Reader Ribrust took the time […]

The Lady is a Vamp

To be perfectly honest, I have no idea who Lady Gaga is.  I see her all over the internet in horrifying outfits, so all that I can assume is that she is an incredibly confused socialite that has a thing for looking like she just stepped off set of Fraggle Rock.  These are the first […]