Stange Encounters – Alien Botany Lands Again

The afternoon shadows are getting longer. The nights approach a little faster each day. Something is in the air, and it’s not just autumn’s steps, it’s…. A massive object hurling towards Earth, exploding into confetti of otherworldly tendrils and black spandex mid-air! A mysterious creature emerges from the wreckage. Say goodbye to preorders, fellow cosmonomads! At least […]

Haute Macabre + Zoetica Ebb Alien Botany Giveaway

To celebrate the launch of Zoetica Ebb’s new Alien Botany wearable fashion, we’re giving away a pair of Void Leggings! This elaborate print began as an original Alien Botany drawing then became wearable art, designed with the body in mind. Otherwordly tendrils slither and slink around your stems to flatter and showcase your assets with […]

Zoetica Ebb Launches Alien Botany

We’ve been waiting for this! Zoetica Ebb just announced the launch of her wearable art collection, Alien Botany. The unique line includes elaborate leggings and scarves designed by the artist herself and is available for pre-order at introductory prices until June 30th. “Hortus” scarves from the Alien Botany wearable art collection. The line was photographed […]

New Advertiser :: Sophi Reaptress

Please welcome our new advertiser, Sophi Reaptress Hailing from Philadelphia, Sophi Reaptress is a one woman designer based on the shadowy side of fashion. Using deep hoods and sweeping fabrics to juxtapose against intricately patterned leggings, she combines sharp edges with beautiful curves. Darks and lights work together in her designs to seize the eye […]

Sophi Reaptress

You mean there’s someone out there that’s making awesome leggings that don’t cost a fortune? Sophi Reaptress is on it, thankfully. I might be hitting her up for one of her amazing spiked eyepatches soon, depending on how an upcoming eye exam goes! [ad name=”post ad image”]


I’m a little in lust with the leggings from Noctex. [ad name=”post ad image”]

Nerd Chic

It  had been a while since I popped over to Black Milk to see what was new, but I’ve been thinking about them since it seems like every cheap outlet in the world is ripping off their Galaxy print these days. Life at Black Milk goes on, however, and they have tons of new prints […]

He’s Got Legs

Leggings: Lina Osterman Here is a trend I can get behind: Leggings on boys. It takes me right back to 1993, when black leggings under baggy shorts and a Ministry T-shirt were really all you needed to win my affections.  Yes, guys, leggings are comfortable, flattering, and expand your wardrobe options.  But be careful- if […]

DIY leggings

Video from Instructables It’s Saturday morning- what are you going to do with your day? How about learn to make leggings before spring legging season is upon us? Giannyl shows us how easy it is to do, and the simplicity of the style makes it totally adaptable. I’m going to try a couple of plain […]

eBay Seller: Cokoseller

So I have not (yet) actually bought anything from eBay seller cokoseller. Therefore I cannot tell you what the quality is like. If anyone has, let us know- because that jacket is Buy It Now at $59, and looks a whole lot like the MuuBaa jacket I blew the better part of a month’s rent […]

Black Milk in Print

Well done, Black Milk. The Anatomist Negative The Anatomist Blood Bath Resurrection


Singapore-based Elohim by Sabrinah Goh.

Covet Garden v.5

I have added these Puzzle Piece leggings to the top of my “These Are Things That I Want” list. The list is getting to be rather long.

Tight Anatomy

These leggings are now at the top of my I Cannot Believe I Don’t Own This list.  Sadly, I don’t see them listed in Black Milk’s shop, so fingers crossed that the designer sees this post and adds them.

Thirsty for More

It’s no secret that Nixon and I love leggings, and therefore, it is no secret that we love Black Milk.  We mentioned the line a few months back, and while digging around on the Too Many Tights blog this morning, I came across this sneak preview of a few new designs to be released shortly. […]

Lace Legs

Leggings have quickly become a part of my regular wardrobe.  They’re easy to layer, they look great with high boots and heels, and are easy to pair off with various tops or dresses.  Perhaps they lean a bit over to the hipster realm, but really, all those emo kids have done is rip us off […]