I spent the weekend in Los Angeles, which of course required a trip to Melrose to gawk at the fashion victims (men: blue jean jeggings are not OK) and visit Forgotten Saints. I always find something worth coveting there, but this trip’s winners were all in the men’s department- jackets from Junker. (Warning: the Junker […]

Armani 2010

I am not usually an Armani fan. But damn, that’s a good coat.

Alexander McQueen

Guys, I don’t want to hear you complaining about never finding anything cool to wear or that girls get all the good designers.  This runway season has been pure fashion porn for you gents, and Alexander McQueen just made me consider going the Boys Don’t Cry route.  The Fall 09 collection he unveiled is full […]

Gentlemen, For the Win

Not too long ago, the runway images for this year’s collections starting pouring into my inbox, and quite frankly, I hated everything.  Every men’s line that I saw reminded me of all the things one should never wear.  It was as if the designers were trying to just reach so far out there, and not […]

It’s Getting Haute in Here

Actually, no, it is not.  It is currently 47 degrees Fahrenheit in the City of Angeles, and surely temperatures are much lower everywhere else.  Personally, I love coats and jackets, but where to find one that does not make you look four feet wider than you actually are, or about to embark on an Antarctic expedition?  We want […]