Etsy Shop of the Week: The Rogue and The Wolf

I need pretty much everything from The Rogue and The Wolf’s “The Witch’s Hawk” collection. The good news is that at these prices, I can actually have everything. These are 3D printed in polyamide plastic.  Occult Midi Ring, $15.83 The Rune Ring, $23.74 The Eclipse Necklace, $18.99


Photos by Antonella Arismendi [ad name=”post ad image”]

Actual Pain

Sixth Seal Leggings, $42.00 Actual Pain is one of those websites you probably wouldn’t dig too far into if you hadn’t been told there was some awesome buried in there, because it is full of things like ball caps that say “Suds and Buds” and hoodies with growling wolves on them. But not only are […]