The Melancholy Visual Fables of Laura Makabresku

I’ve been quietly in love with the work of Polish photographer Laura Makabresku for years. Her otherworldly photographs fall into that special category of things that feel too personal and precious to mention to another living soul. Or rather, that’s how I once felt about certain things I held dear: that sharing something intensely meaningful […]

Ovate X lvnea: Fleurs Étrangères

Admirers and devotees of both the elegant simplicity of Ovate’s spare, beautiful apparel and lvnea‘s luxurious, hand-crafted natural fragrances will no doubt be over the moon to hear of their recently released collaboration Fleurs Étrangères – and the timing could not be more perfect for those amongst us in need of some luminous self-love and lavish care in the late […]

Sale Alert!

Ovate has selected 2013 items half off RIGHT NOW, including Valhalla hoodies in Charcoal for $45. Yes, I love you, too. Cold Seep Skirt, now $55

Ovate // Clovenhoov

Ovate’s recent collaboration with illustrator Natvres Mortes of Clovenhoov will be in her shop on Monday, and I’ve been counting the days since she first posted a sneak-peek a few weeks back. She’ll also be adding charcoal Valhalla hoodies to her collection, which I have in black already, and is one of my wardrobe staples.

La Grande Noirceur

New from Ovate for Fall / Winter 2012-13 Larger images on her Facebook page, and previews of the accompanying jewelry line. [ad name=”post ad image”]


bloodmilk & ovate photographed by Ellen Rogers more from this series :: mare frigoris [ad name=”post ad image”]

Mare Frigoris

New from Ovate, featuring jewels by BloodMilk. Collections like this remind me why we started Haute Macabre in the first place. Photography by Ellen Rogers [ad name=”post ad image”]

Blood Moon

New images from Audrey of Ovate, featuring some peeks at Bloodmilk’s upcoming Sea Witch line, which we are all waiting [im]patiently for. [ad name=”post ad image”]

Nine Worlds

Ovate :: part II for today Nine Worlds :: 2011 [ad name=”post ad image”]

Northern Cross

Ovate Northern Cross :: 2011 [ad name=”post ad image”]