I spent the weekend in Los Angeles, which of course required a trip to Melrose to gawk at the fashion victims (men: blue jean jeggings are not OK) and visit Forgotten Saints. I always find something worth coveting there, but this trip’s winners were all in the men’s department- jackets from Junker. (Warning: the Junker […]

Meghan Collison

Awesomely named model Meghan Collison Shot by San Sierra for Metal Magazine #20 One great thing about sheer- it layers beautifully for that post-apocalyptic scraps and rags look look. Very expensive, well cut scraps and rags.

Road Warrior

French Vogue March 2010 † Shot by David Sims I just re-watched Road Warrior a few days ago, and they really need to take note of this type of wardrobe instead of the salvaged sporting goods store look post-apocalyptic movies always go for. beep.

Got a Temper?

Everyone here is already very well aware of my affinity for oversized bags.  Every now and then, though, you don’t feel like lugging all that stuff around, and just want go out without worrying about setting your purse down somewhere.  Fanny packs or bulging pockets are NOT the answer to that, but Anthracite’s Utility Belts […]

Skin Graft Does It Again

A few weeks ago, Zoetica, thedaniel, and I had the distinct pleasure of attending the Skin Graft fashion show during L.A.’s BOXEight Fashion Week at the Los Angeles Theatre. image via FabricMag Opening with a performance dance routine, Skin Graft is back in its sorely missed ruffles and leather motif.  As the black gown to […]

h.NAOTO Runway Enchantment

Tokyo’s h.NAOTO is post Punk…post Goth…post Lolita… His otherworldly designs are like a folkloric-punk-victorian-tribal-gothic-fantasy mash-up that will leave you spellbound! Here are some tastings from his Spring/Summer 2009 collection! Make sure to check out h.NAOTO’s enchantment and doom live on the runway. ’09 Spring / Summer By Guest Blogger Lady Lavone of Cabinet of Curiosities

Etsy: Attila Design

Attila Design’s Etsy shop feels like one of those jumbled antique stores you find along Route 66, only from some dream you had after too much shopping and possibly too much sake.  Amongst the beds with carved trees for posts, the weddingcake fiberglass cow skulls, and the inexplicable teddy bears, there are clothes. Clothes from a […]

Speak Up! : Jonny Cota of Skingraft Designs

First things first, tell us about yourself & your product! I am Jonny Cota of Skingraft Designs.  I am one of the three designers behind Skingraft. Together, we design our line as a fusion between the ancient and the present, and often times the future.   Just a few years ago we were all vaudeville circus […]

Feet Fatale

We all like to think of ourselves as Femme Fatales, so let’s emphasize on the Fatal bit.  A few weeks ago, we had Brass Knuckle Platform Heels in our Haute List, and Trend de la Crème has went one step further.  Go polish up that shoe arsenal you’ve already got, and add some weaponry to it.  Pictured above […]

Skin Graft

Skin Graft Designs has released their Spring/Summer 09 line, and sadly, it is no where near as intricate and Post-Apocalyptic as their previous collections.  Thankfully, their Flickr page is still full of the Couture Porn I had grown so fond of from them.  I may have to take a trip downtown L.A. to their new […]

Odette Bombardier

After covering  this month’s Z!NK Magazine, I just had to devote a little more space to  French designer Odette Bombardier, whose sleeves were featured on the cover. A quick exploration of her work shows that the sleeves that first caught my eye were, remarkably, hardly her best work. Pretty as they are, Odette truly shines […]

Antiseptic Fashion

  Antiseptic Fashion is the work of Billy Vahan and Stella Maris.  It is setting the standard for angular post-apocalyptic fashion, creating deconstructed and stitched corsets, collars,  gauntlets, and other leather work for both the ladies and the gentlemen.  For orders, please use their Contact page for quotes on existing pieces or custom.  Be warned, […]

Torture Devices

A diesel-mechanic turned jeweler from the post-industrial wasteland of New Jersey (shudder…) presents to us Spragwerks.  Each piece is cash and hand finished by its founder, whom identifies himself as Rich.   “My work explores the tense intersection of the organic by the industrial, and particularly the consumption of one by another.” I have a […]

Hunters and Gatherers

Skin Graft Designs, known for their top-quality Zombie-hunting apparel, has launched their online store at shophuntersandgatherers.com in combination with Kucoon, Angel Court, and several other designers. This is great news for those of you not near the handful of stores that carry their wares. Prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse: