Rick Owens Steps It Up

Just when you thing Rick Owens really can’t get any more awesome, he turns Paris Fashion Week on its’ stuffy little head.  Instead of showing his S/S 2014 collection on the usual assortment of waify young things with vacant expressions, he brought on an award-winning US step-dance team to model the clothes. Oh, look. Women. […]

Rick Owens RTW

Rick Owens † Spring / Summer 2011 RTW Nothing new, but at least he’s still doing it right. images via Now Fashion


Rick Owens’ DRKSHDW Fall / Winter 2010 beep.

Rick Owens F(t)W2010

Don’t worry Rick, I still love you, despite how horrifically rude your sales clerks are at your West Village NYC store.  Sorry that your neck tattoos are so shitty, douchebag retail guy, but don’t take it out on me. That being said, Fall Winter 2010 is full of UNF, as usual.

The Boys of Summer

As a follow up to yesterday’s Rick Owen’s women’s Spring / Summer ’10 line, here are some images from the men’s runway show.  Again, Rick incorporated his trademark hard angles and elongated edges, throwing in leather and light fabrics with – oddly enough – denim. I honestly never thought I’d see blue denim on his […]

The Softer Side of Spring

As you have probably noticed, we’ve been skipping over most of the Spring runway shows.  Spring lines are always full of hideous pastels that I find visually offensive, but without fail, our dear Mister Owens has come through for us.  Without abandoning his angular cuts and exaggerated collars, he has incorporated softer tones into his […]

Covet Garden v.1

I believe I audibly exclaimed “Oh My F#CK” when I came across these Rick Owens leather flap and zip ankle boots. So, since I apparently am an utter and complete masochist, I continued to browse around.  So many shoes, so many dollars.  Drool along with me. Dolce & Gabbana Satin Conceptual Sandals †  Larare – […]

To Corrupt From Within

We’ve mentioned more than a few times how Rick Owens makes savage love to the runway, and how I almost wanted him to stop because I was having a hard time processing his specific breed of fashion pornography.  He just keeps going though.  Nick Knight of SHOWstudio caught glimpses of the designer in the following […]


Online boutique Reborn is one of those places you go just to see what the mannequins are wearing. Their choices are terrific, and they put together great outfits. On one hand, everything is high-end and half of it is sold out anyhow. On the other hand, a bit of digging around turned up discounts up […]

Nordic Invasion

Richard Söderberg is a relatively new, talented young designer from Sweden. He originally launched his label under the name “Macabre” in 2007 but changed it to “Obscur” shortly after. He has been compared to Rick Owens, but his style is more likely to be influenced by his homeland. Scandinavian design is very austere and somber… […]

Etsy : JAlvo

Jackie Alvo is the force behind JAlvo’s shop on Etsy.  A graduate of F.I.T. in New York, the now Brooklyn based designer puts together pieces that somewhat remind me of the slouchy feel of a lot of Rick Owens’ items, which immediately means that her shop is full of win.   Each item in my […]


I have no idea what this is, or where it came from, but I know that I LOVE it. Edited to add:   Our lovely readers and one lovely writer have let me know that this ensemble is none other than Rick Owens.  There’s leettle tiny text up in that top right corner, but my […]

Rick Owens Makes Savage Love to the Runway

Again. Layers, funnel necks and gloves with everything – many of Rick Owens‘ staples carry over into his Fall/Winter 09 collection, but there is something decidedly more savage about this look. Be it the shaved hairlines,  or the lack of buttons [or closures of any sort] on some of the jackets – there’s a sort […]