DIY Spats

Thanks to our last couple of articles on spats, reader Zoh Morrigan from Morrigan NYC pointed us to a DIY tutorial she did for Threadbanger, figuring you guys might be interested. Thanks, Zoh!

Spat Attack

Pleather Waves Spats, $67.00 † Pinstripe Spats, $78.00 † Midnight Denim Spats, $67.00 Of course, once I get to thinking about spats, there is really nothing to do but go looking at spats… here are a few favorites from Etsy.

The Micro Wave

The Micro Wave, shot by Solve Sundsbo for Vogue China Spats! If I haven’t mentioned it before, I really love spats. They are a fantastic way to update existing wardrobe pieces with a minimum of fuss. Besides, “Spats!” is really fun to say.

Ashes & Empires

Once upon a time, we posted about Ashes & Empires, with the hope that they would add more products to their shop. They have!  Woo!  Spats for all.