Caution: You Are About To View Hot Men, Chains, And Bare Skin

Ya got a problem with that? Or does it incite bliss? Whatever the case, designer Bliss Lau’s Bolero presents somewhat of a visual-mathematic challenge. Apparently, this multi-function, unisex body chain can be worn “more than six ways”— one of which is displayed above; another, below: Torrent, however, is listed as having “more than three” options

Needles & Sins : We’re Not Homewreckers

Although this isn’t directly fashion related, I’d like to share something with everyone that I feel very strongly about. My friend Marissa, over at Needles and Sins Tattoo Blog, was in today’s issue of the New York Post discussing the recent media lash-out of heavily tattooed women being nothing more than home-wreckers and, well, trashy […]