Exceptional And Heartbreaking Regalia: The Luminous Mourning Jewels of Julia DeVille

As the tale goes, jeweler and sculptor of contemporary memento mori Julia deVille, apprenticing under a handful of the greatest and most formidable masters ever known, honed and refined her talismanic skills over the course of several centuries and quietly emerged from her draconian education in the mid-19th century as a master alchemist–with soul almost all intact! […]

Remembering the Morbid Anatomy Museum

  There’s a Morbid Anatomy-shaped hole in our hearts. Last year, on December 18th, the Morbid Anatomy Museum first announced that they would be closing their doors. Shortly thereafter the museum was beautifully eulogized by Evan Michelson. Now we here at Haute Macabre would like to raise a glass in tribute to a singular institution that was dear to […]

Etsy Taxidermy Roudup

Felted Unicorn Head Wall Mount – $145 Dead things, fake dead things, stuffed things, things in jars- these are a few of my favorite things! Royal Rodent Taxidermy Shoulder Mount – $95 Double Duckling Gaffe– $40 Fetal Hedgehog Wet Prep– $30  

Dollhouse Ducklings

My husband is an incredibly patient and understanding person. He is tolerant of all of my whims, smiles and nods when I start ranting about ancient alien theories, and forgives my habits of leaving half empty cups of tea and tarot decks all over the house. However, there are only two things he’s ever put […]

Roadkill Couture

Normally, we don’t like to post fur here at Haute Macabre, unless it’s on some weird old taxidermy. But I have to admit that the phrase “Rat Jacket” made me perk up my ears. Jess Eaton’s Roadkill Couture is exactly what it sounds like: roadkill. Dead things hit by cars, and scraped off the side […]

Inside Out

  OK, it might not be fashion. But  I just had to post some of the pictures from the new exhibition by the Body Worlds folks, Animals Inside Out (Currently at the London Natural History Museum). It could be home decor, right? More pics here.   [ad name=”post ad image”]

New Advertiser : Dreadful Things

Please welcome our newest advertiser, Dreadful Things by Raven! Dreadful Things by Raven is an Etsy shop in which all the items are handmade with tiny skulls and love.  Her shop items ranges from jewelry to home decor, skull necklaces to greeting cards, and everything in between (including a mounted bird mummy). Please support Dreadful […]

A Singular Zoo

Usually, I put up fashion shoots because I really like the fashion or the makeup or the photography. As it turns out, I will also post pretty much anything that involves a taxidermy ostrich in a tiara and too much blush. Shot by Michael Baumgarten for Vogue Gioiello.

Speak Up! Loved to Death

We love taxidermy accessories here, as you’ve probably picked up on by now.  So, obviously, we adore Loved to Death’s jewelry and accessories, and they love us enough to offer a 15% discount to all Haute Macabre readers! First things first, tell us about yourself & your product! We are “Loved To Death” a taxidermy […]

Still Life

You may remember photographer Ruven Afanador from his “Evoluzione” photoshoot. Mr. Afanador does it again in this taxidermy-laden shoot. If anyone knows what this was shot for originally, let us know- I found it on the photographer’s website, but I can’t imagine it never saw publication. Knock it Off tip: a really good white ruffled […]

Loved to Death

Loved to Death is an online boutique featuring a wee bit of taxidermy, some antiques, some art (including some very reminiscent of Monique Motil‘s work) and a lot of unusual jewelry made with taxidermy bits, bones, and other animal remnants.  Prices seem reasonable for the materials involved- how often do you come across a sparrow-wing […]

Loved to Death

Loved to Death makes taxidermy jewelry and accessories.  They began with creating “Anthropomorphic Taxidermy dioramas” and have expanded into a full line of intricate designs.    “We have always been animal lovers and feel that the life of an animal doesn’t necessarily end at their death.” Pictured above is the Gothic Victorian Mourning Taxidermy Squirrel Heart Necklace, […]