Skin Graft Does It Again

A few weeks ago, Zoetica, thedaniel, and I had the distinct pleasure of attending the Skin Graft fashion show during L.A.’s BOXEight Fashion Week at the Los Angeles Theatre. image via FabricMag Opening with a performance dance routine, Skin Graft is back in its sorely missed ruffles and leather motif.  As the black gown to […]

Etsy : Katherina Andreeva

Katherina Andreeva is a French alternative fashion designer. Her line is inspired by “Victorian postmortem photography and fairy tales with a fetish twist”, which just might be my favorite description of anything, ever.   The shop is full of the only kind of pink I think I could ever wear, frills and fruffy with a […]

Etsy : Diva Divine 777

Australian based DivaDivine777 is a corsetier using steel boning and genuine Victorian and Edwardian patterns.  Don’t forget to watch the instructional video we posted not too long ago after you buy one!

Etsy : Lola Show Girl

Lola Show Girl handmade couture wraps can be custom made in any color or fabric.  There is a disclaimer stating that she recently had a baby (gah), so shipping may be a bit delayed.  Regardless of that, I am simply in heart with everything listed on her page, especially her prices – everything is under […]

Button Up Bootie

A much younger version of myself once went up to my mother and said, “I want witch shoes”.   “Well, Samantha, Halloween is a few months off.” “No, Mom, I want witch shoes to wear every day.” And so it began.  Before I could even reach the drug store shelf that had the black hair […]

Upcoming Events: Edwardian Ball

San Francisco’s annual Edwardian Ball, known to most as the Gorey Ball, is expanding yet again this year. The event has gone form a single evening to a weekend’s festivitites in the last few years, and this year sees the Ball occurring in two cities for the first time: January 23rd -25th in San Francisco […]