The Art of War

We have covered accessories that looks like weapons many times, but designer Kate Bauman’s enamled guns and sculptural steel gun racks are weapons that look like accessories. Hello, post-apocalyptic cowboy! I’ve always loved the detailing on antique guns, the carved wooden stocks and engraved metalwork. They seem so much more personalized than the industrial-looking weapons […]

Zombie Garden?

Added to my list of zombie-hunting essentials: Domo’s Leather Moto-zip Hoodie, $609.00

Etsy Seller: JungleTribe

I believe you know how I feel about the importance of proper zombie-hunting apparel. Etsy seller JungleTribe brings you ass-kicking holster bags, utility belts, and shoulder bags, plus jewelry and other stuff, for a whole lot less than you would expect to pay from, say, Wild Card or Skin Graft.Ā  Happy zombie hunting!

Hunters and Gatherers

Skin Graft Designs, known for their top-quality Zombie-hunting apparel, has launched their online store at in combination with Kucoon, Angel Court, and several other designers. This is great news for those of you not near the handful of stores that carry their wares. Prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse: