Of Shadows: One Hundred Objects from the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic


The Museum of Witchcraft and Magic is located in the village of Boscastle in Cornwall, South West England. Founded in 1951 by English folk magician Cecil Williamson, the museum houses what is widely considered to be the world’s largest collection of objects related to folk magic, ceremonial magic, Freemasonry, and Wicca. Needless to say, we would all love to visit this magical place.

For the time being we may feast our eyes on some of the museum’s most prized artifacts thanks to a fascinating book recently published by Strange Attractor PressOf Shadows: One Hundred Objects from the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic contains hauntingly beautiful photos by Sara Hannant, descriptions of the objects written by both Hannant and museum direction Simon Costin, and a preface written by renowned English magic historian Ronald Hutton.


“Artist and photographer Sara Hannant has captured the very essence of these carefully-selected artifacts, including wax dolls, wands, statues, daggers, pendants, robes and amulets. Each striking image tells its own vivid tale of belief and ceremonial practice.”


“Accompanying the photographs are informative texts from Sara Hannant and Museum director Simon Costin, as well as an illuminating introduction by the leading historian of British witchcraft and magic, Ronald Hutton.”


Of Shadows: One Hundred Objects from The Museum of Witchcraft and Magic is currently available from Strange Attractor Press in both paperback and limited hardback editions. It can also be ordered from the museum itself.

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or someone else, consider also ordering a copy of Cecil Williamson’s Book of Witchcraft: A Grimoire of the Museum of Witchcraft (pictured below).

“This is the first book to do justice to the remarkable role played by Cecil Williamson, founder of the Museum of Witchcraft, in preserving our magical traditions. It consists of the text of his magical notebook, together with detailed notes and a biography of Cecil by Steve Patterson (whose long relationship with the Museum and profound understanding of British magic make him the ideal editor).

In his Introduction, Steve writes, “Cecil Williamson’s ‘Witchcraft’ Manuscript falls roughly into two halves; the first two sections being a collection of folklore, witchcraft, spells and charms. The final two sections are quite different, seeking to link the magic of Ancient Egypt with the witch traditions…. One could well imagine the first part as being his record of the traditions imparted to him by his informants over the museum counter, whilst the latter part was the result of his musings and observations whilst wandering around the British Museum.”


Our thanks to the marvelous Pam Grossman for sharing the news about the publication of this captivating book.


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New Sponsor: Lost Apostle Jewelry

Lost ApostlePlease welcome our newest sponsor, Lost Apostle Jewelry

The humble beginnings of Lost Apostle started nine years ago behind a market stall in East London. They are now based in Montreal, and have perfected their style with a strong presence in the alternative jewelry world.

Lost Apostle Jewelry

James and Nadya, the married duo behind Lost Apostle, originally met in the UK, both selling silver jewelry that they had designed and created at their own market stalls. As silver prices went up, and up, and up some more, it wasn’t long before they were looking for a different medium in which to work. Enter Bronze: the perfect choice for casting jewelry, as it expands when it cools and in doing so, gets into all the tiny details of the mold. Called the Lost Wax process, a method that’s been around for about five thousand years, and how each and every piece of Lost Apostle Jewelry gets made.

Each piece of jewelry in the Lost Apostle collection is likened to a miniature sculpture, a testament to James and Nadya’s love to detail and quality workmanship.

Lost Apostle Jewelry

Use code “LostMacabre” for 20% your order in the Lost Apostle shop!

Shop the Lost Apostle collection online, and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Lost Apostle Jewelry

Lost Apostle Jewelry

Edible Art from the Conjurer’s Kitchen

Edible Art from the Conjurer's Kitchen

Macabre Confectioner Annabel de Vetten-Peterson, also known as Annabel Lecter, has recently re-opened her Etsy shop for her dark delicacies and curious edibles.

Each of her listings is an intricate and perfectly sculpted edible creation, varying from certain pieces ready to ship and others made to order. Visit the Conjurer’s Kitchen for “cakes, chocolates, and treats that aren’t for everyone, but are to everyone’s tastes”.

Edible Art from the Conjurer's Kitchen

Edible Art from the Conjurer's Kitchen

Edible Art from the Conjurer's Kitchen

Edible Art from the Conjurer's Kitchen

Edible Art from the Conjurer's Kitchen

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Revelatory Feminine Mysticism: The Art Of Jas Helena


To trace with the eye the sumptuous swells and ornate, swirling shadows of Jas Helena’s art is to be drawn into an evocative world of potent feminine mysticism. Appearing both demonic and divine (or, perhaps neither) against inky Byzantine backdrops, these saints and sirens, shamans and sorceresses beckon and beguile from the canvas; a tilt of an eyebrow or lift of a lip hinting at knowledge and portents beyond your mortal understanding…or maybe just admonishing one, with an intense and commanding glare, to STFU with their mansplaining nonsense. You don’t know what these women are thinking, and perhaps that is precisely the point.

“I love the concept of a strong, powerful, mysterious woman as a constant focal point in my work,” the artist shares, while also noting visually over-the-top baroque art and dark Goya-esque works as inspirations: “..finding a happy medium…that can both be feminine and soft, yet have a subtle, darker aesthetic is pretty much what I seek to do, and without a doubt Goya and artist of the Baroque-era figured out how to do that so flawlessly.”



Fascinated by the arts at a young age, Jas Helena obsessed over drawings and illustrations by the Old Masters without fully understanding what drew her to them, but, inspired by the excitement that these classic works sparked in her, she instinctively attempted to recreate what it was that so captured her fancy. Encouraged by positive feedback from friends and teachers, she practiced her art and nurtured her abilities through school and community college. In continually learning and honing her craft, it eventually coalesced into the haunting, highly ornamental style for which she is recognized today-a style that she feels finally reflects who she is and what she wants to put out into the world.




With a portfolio that also boasts work created for such occult rock and doom-laden metal acts as Funerary, Deaf Heaven, and Ides of Gemini, one gets the sense that Jas Helena has evolved into an artist who has glimpsed beyond the veil and become a conduit for the arcane visions and revelatory dreams she has witnessed. Her penchant for the dark and obscure and all its symbolism, she asserts, makes her art and this unearthly music a perfect match.




Regarding both the powerful priestesses she painstakingly composes on the page, as well as those who may be inspired as her work: in Sabat Magazine’s Spring/Summer 2016 Maiden issue, Jas Helena observes an increased interest in occult aesthetics in young women today, and that through Instagram and other social media, the aesthetic becomes more accessible.  “I see a community of bold women growing from it,” she concludes, mentioning artists Annie Stegg and Nona Limmen in this spirit, “that becomes even more important in the art world where this dark aesthetic is still an uneven playing field, dominated by men.”

Find Jas Helena: Website // Instagam // Tumblr 

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The Haute List


Cora Dress, $106  +  U.D. Naked Smokey Palette, $54  $27  +  Smartphone Lens Kit. $34 $26

Unlined Leather Shopper, $49  + Lucy Bralette, $18  + Wet Look Thigh Highs, $12

Velvet Panel Bodysuit, $50  +  Braided Tassel Tote, $70 $42  +  Bandage Panel Body Suit, $125


Post Mortem: November 2016

In case you missed it, here are Haute Macabre’s offerings from the past month.

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Flowers From The Dead: An Animal Bones Divination Deck

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Rituel de Fille: Rare Light Luminizer

Rituel de Fille Rare Light Luminizer 

Art That Creeps: Rebecca de Groot

Art That Creeps: The Sculptures of Rebecca de Groot

Daniel Danger Spirit Board

Summing the Spirits with Daniel Danger’s Spirit Board

A Mortician's Tale: Death Positive Gaming

A Mortician’s Tale: Death Positive Gaming 

I Held My Own Death Cafe and You Can, Too

I Held My Own Death Cafe and You Can Too

Haute Macabre Small Business Advertising Special

The Haute Macabre Small Business Advertisers Special Sponsors

Poison Apple Printshop

Poison Apple Printshop

Elemental Child: Space Ritual photographed by Courtney Brooke

Elemental Child: Space Ritual

The Aberdeen Bestiary

The Aberdeen Bestiary: Fantastical Stories & Illustrations from the Middle Ages


Ovate x Lvnea: Fleurs Étrangères 

Memento Mori in Felt: The Art of Lana Crooks


Memento Mori by Lana Crooks, 2015

The work of Chicago-based artist Lana Crooks beautifully demonstrates that reminders of our mortality need not be made of bone. So skilled is Crooks with wool, silk, and all manner of tiny found objects, that her delicate textile sculptures, faux anatomical specimens of human and animal skulls, bones, and insects, feel as lifelike as the references she sources from books and natural history museums.

The Return by Lana Crooks, 2014

The Return by Lana Crooks, 2014


Snake Oil by Lana Crooks, 2015

Summer Jay by Lana Crooks, 2014

Summer Jay by Lana Crooks, 2014

Still This Heart by Lana Crooks, 2014

Still This Heart by Lana Crooks, 2014


Wisdom by Lana Crooks, 2014


Moondust by Lana Crooks, 2016

In addition to sculptures based on actual living things, Crooks creates pieces that are an enchanting blend of science and fantasy: faux specimens of fantastic creatures drawn from folklore and mythology as well as her own imagination.


Spring Jackalope by Lana Crooks, 2016

Ouroboros by Lana Crooks, 2015

Ouroboros by Lana Crooks, 2015

Little Devil by Lana Crooks, 2015

Little Devil by Lana Crooks, 2015


Kappa by Lana Crooks, 2016

Twins by Lana Crooks, 2016

Twins by Lana Crooks, 2016

Crooks also collaborates with other artists and designers to create custom pieces and curate themed group exhibitions.


Stigr’s Skeletal Suit by Lana Crooks, 2014

Loves me, Loves me not (Cobdata-alt and Crimson) by Lana Crooks, 2015

Loves me, Loves me not (Cobdata-alt and Crimson) by Lana Crooks, 2015

Most recently Crooks curated the All That Remains group exhibition at the Stranger Factory in Albuquerque, NM. Next month she’s participating in Night Fall, a two-person exhibit at the Rotofugi Gallery in Chicago alongside artist Andrew Bell, December 9th through January 8th.


Keep up with Lana Crooks’ latest creations, exhibitions, and available pieces by following her on Instagram. You can also support her work and get additional previews as well as rare behind-the-scenes peeks at her process by supporting Lana Crooks on Patreon.

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Restock Alert!


Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Haute Macabre Cemetery Collection

We’ve just restocked the Haute Macabre Shop with a small amount of our Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab collection. These are available in limited quantities, and are in stock and ready to ship. These are not limited edition scents, however we cannot guarantee another restock in the near future, so please do not hesitate to purchase yours now.

St. Louis #1 contains notes of Drooping Spanish moss and crumbling marble, sweet olive blossom, 13-year aged black patchouli, and offerings of Bay Rum, Florida water, and tobacco

Burying Point contains Damp clusters of brown patchouli, dried maple leaves, black sage, spikenard, and curled, misshapen mandrake roots

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Haute Macabre Signature Scent

The Haute Macabre Signature Scent contains Oak leaf, bourbon vanilla, almond husk, and black leather accord darkened by a 13-year aged black patchouli.

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Haute Macabre As Above, So Below

The As Above, So Below two fragrance set, meant to be layered together, is as follows:
As Above contains leather drenched with white patchouli, oak bark, bourbon vanilla, bitter almond, and Moroccan jasmine.
So Below contains amber and black copal with black coconut, Sumatran red patchouli, green cardamom pod, and golden musk.

Beautiful Monsters at The Creeping Museum


The Creeping Museum is the nonprofit creative vision and labor of love conceived between two friends and a grilled cheese sandwich in a North Portland laundromat in the spring of 2016.  Their remarkable mission? To help artists and independent creators give back to their communities by turning their strange and unusual work into tiny pieces of affordable art in the form of collectible enamel pins– for which to support wonderfully worthy causes.

The visionary creeps responsible for this collaborative venture involving spooky wearable art and a commitment to making the world a better place are Alyssa Glass and Layla Sullivan.  “At The Creeping Museum,” they insist with infectious enthusiasm, “the gallery is you!” The Museum’s collection of tiny art can be found creeping on the lapels of art lovers from coast to coast and around the world, and each sale of these mini masterpieces benefit organizations such as Bat Conservation International, The Library Foundation, or The Worthy Pause, just to name a few of their chosen causes.

At the onset of their endeavors, and after reading concerns voiced by various artists in the dark culture community on Instagram regarding taxidermy and the devastating effect that illegal hunting has had on some bat colonies, Glass and Sullivan became inspired to support bat conservation for The Creeping Museum’s inaugural pin and first release. “We felt that increasing awareness of the taxidermy issue to hopefully dissuade people from inadvertently supporting animal poaching, is a simple way to actually make a difference, even if it’s on a smaller scale.” Glass also shares that the goal for The Creeping Museum is not solely to fundraise, but that “Awareness, advocacy, and education are an equally important part of our mission.”


On December first, The Creeping Museum continues their mission with the release of their most ambitious and highly anticipated collection to date: Beautiful Monsters.

“All the broken and shunned creatures…someone’s got to care for them. Who shall it be if not us?”

Perfectly embodied by Doctor Sweet’s poignant observation, Beautiful Monsters is a mixed media “exhibition” inspired by the night creatures of Penny Dreadful, and in support of the marginalized and forgotten.

beautiful-monsters-anais-chareyre   beautiful-monsters-sugar-and-spite

The Beautiful Monsters collection includes the following:

– An enamel pin with art created by Anaïs Chareyre for The Creeping Museum
– A set of three pinback buttons with art created by Anaïs Chareyre for The Creeping Museum
– An enamel pin with art created by Emily Winfield Martin for The Creeping Museum
– An enamel pin with art by Alyssa Glass (pre-order)
– Antique and vintage books obtained from Penny Dreadful’s prop auction (each book comes with a bookplate featuring art by Caitlin McCarthy and a certificate of authenticity)
– Antique and vintage perfume bottles obtained from Penny Dreadful’s prop auction (each bottle comes with a certificate of authenticity)
– Reproduction penny dreadful magazines obtained from Penny Dreadful’s prop auction
– A custom Vanessa Ives inspired fragrance created by Sugar and Spite


Demimonde mitts knit by S. Elizabeth styled by Maika Keuben and photographed by B.Brandt

In addition to the above listed items, The Creeping Museum is also hosting is a very special auction and offering various delightful surprises, the details of which can be found below:

The “Eviscerate the Patriarchy” auction package, with a portion of the proceeds donated to the Joyful Heart Foundation (sexual assault prevention, advocacy, and services for victims), will include the following:
– A stunt/safety version of Lily’s knife from Penny Dreadful Season 3, from the prop auction
– A book on witchcraft from 1884, from the prop auction
– A vintage compact from the prop auction
– A letter from Vanessa to Mina from the trunk in Vanessa’s room, from the prop auction
– A perfume bottle from the prop auction
– One of each of the three different penny dreadful magazines from the prop auction
Elocution for Ladies, fake etiquette book pages created by Anaïs for Lily’s “makeover” scenes with Victor, from the prop auction.
– Blood splattered anatomical illustration from Victor’s laboratory.
– One of each of the art pins and buttons from the collection, and the Sugar and Spite perfume
– A Creeping Museum planchette designed by Fiendies
– “Divination” original art by Becky Munich
– An original “Verbis Diablo” page from Vanessa’s spellbook, the original drawing for the Devil tarot card, and a print by Anaïs Chareyre
– “Demimonde” fingerless mitts, inspired by Vanessa Ives,  Victorian stitches, and hand knit by S. Elizabeth


Each of the prop penny dreadfuls will have a randomly-inserted tarot card tucked inside; the Death card will have a special Creeping Museum seal, and may be exchanged for a package of Fabulous Prizes:
– A second stunt/safety version of Lily’s knife from Season 3
– A letter from Vanessa to Mina
– A prop perfume bottle
– One of each of the pins and the perfume from the Beautiful Monsters collection
– A print of “Divination” by Becky Munich

The following organizations will be supported with this release:
The Southern Poverty Law Center (combating hate, intolerance, and discrimination)
Joyful Heart Foundation (transforming society’s response to sexual assault, domestic violence, and child abuse)
The Alzheimer’s Association (care, support, and research for Alzheimer’s disease)
Portland Rescue Mission: (food, shelter, and other services for people affected by homelessness, addiction, and abuse)
Committee on the Shelterless (services for homeless families, adults, and veterans)
Animal Heaven Animal Rescue Ireland (rescuing and re-homing unwanted animals)
Bat World Sanctuary (wildlife rescue and rehabilitation)

Ovate X lvnea: Fleurs Étrangères


Admirers and devotees of both the elegant simplicity of Ovate’s spare, beautiful apparel and lvnea‘s luxurious, hand-crafted natural fragrances will no doubt be over the moon to hear of their recently released collaboration Fleurs Étrangères – and the timing could not be more perfect for those amongst us in need of some luminous self-love and lavish care in the late autumn/early winter of 2016, which I am sure most will agree has been a brutally distressing year.

Soak, slather, and anoint yourself with all manner of sumptuous delights from this collection of all natural, botanical apothecary products, which includes: perfume oil, lip balms, milk bath, bath salts, body scrub, clay masque, body serum, hair oil, salve, room spray and a candle. These dreamy, nourishing goods will be sold both in sets and individually.

Peek at some of our anticipated favorites from this gorgeous assortment, below.


Hibiscus and hawthorne bath salts


Lavender and sage body serum


Rose and red clover lip balm


Violet milk bath

Botanical bathing set

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