Kadabra Cult: Instagram Giveaway Alert!

Kadabra Cult Giveaway on Haute Macabre

We’re hosting a flash giveaway on our Instagram today!

Win a pair of these AMAZING Cat Sunnies glasses from Kadabra Cult! No reposts necessary, just follow @ShopKadabra and @HauteMacabre, and tag two friends in this post on the HM IG profile!

Haute Macabre readers can also use code “Cult15” for 15% off your order at KadabraCult.com!

Kadabra Cult Cat Sunnies

Etsy Shop of the Week: Ink and Rags


Bed Set in Death Moth, $119

Ink and Rags is a woman-run shop specializing in custom printables including bedding, clothing, tote bags, and more, conceived as a way to support their family while coping with an autistic daughter . While you may have to pick your way through some questionable design choices (cowboy boot throw pillows, for example), the good finds here are well worth the search.


Pillow from Bed Set in Sacred Heart, $119


Bed Set in Octopus, $119

The Haute List: Happy Halloween!


Spiderweb Sheer Curtain$29.95 $23.96  +  Witch Dip Bowl$16 $11.99  +  Bat Weathervane, $59

Halloween Coasters$19.99 $11.98  +  Spellbinder Eyeshadow , $22  +  Mrs. White Condor, $24.95

Crow Snowglobe$44 $35  +  Fortune Teller’s Lantern$29 $23  +  Skull Marshmallows$9.95 $4.99

Grit N Glory Halloween Haute Macabre Discount!

Grit N Glory Halloween

Grit N Glory has resurrected some of their shredder shirt designs from the dead just for the month of October, and are offering Haute Macabre readers an exclusive discount! Use code “HMHalloween” at checkout for 20% off the entire Halloween collection while it’s available!

Shop Grit N Glory’s full collection, and visit the Halloween Shop here!

Grit N Glory Halloween

Grit N Glory Halloween

Grit N Glory Halloween

Grit N Glory Halloween

Grit N Glory Halloween

Grit N Glory Halloween

Grit N Glory Halloween

Grit N Glory Halloween

Grit N Glory Halloween

Haute Macabre + Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

Haute Macabre is pleased to announce our new collaboration with Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab is now available for a pre-order in the Haute Macabre Shop until Halloween!

In what will be an on-going collection, the new Haute Macabre + Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab collaboration is launching with two new fragrances, Burying Point and St. Louis #1. Made exclusively for Haute Macabre by master perfumer Elizabeth Barriel, the collection will be based on our favorite cemeteries around the world. The first installment features two dear to my heart, St. Louis #1, located in my home, New Orleans, and Burying Point, the oldest cemetery in Salem.

Burying Point and St. Louis #1 feature label art by Bill Crisafi.


The Burying Point is the oldest cemetery in Salem, MA, dating back to the year 1637. I walked through here on a beautiful summer morning thisyear, and fell in love with the crumbling markers, all decorated with mememto mori markings popular in the era. Our intrepration of it contains notes of damp clusters of brown patchouli, dried maple leaves, black sage, spikenard, and curled, misshapen mandrake roots


Just above the French Quarter in my beloved New Orleans, St. Louis #1 is one of the oldest cemeteries in the city, and the alleged final resting places of VooDoo Queen Marie Laveau and the cruel Delphine LaLaurie. Bottled here with drooping Spanish moss and crumbling marble, sweet olive blossom, 13-year aged black patchouli, and offerings of Bay Rum, Florida water, and tobacco.

Pre-sales are now open to purchase these, with an estimated ship date of mid- late November, 2016. 

Also available are our original fragrances, with label art by Courtney Riot.


The original Haute Macabre: Oak leaf, bourbon vanilla, almond husk, and black leather accord darkened by a 13-year aged black patchouli.


As Above: leather drenched with white patchouli, oak bark, bourbon vanilla, bitter almond, and Moroccan jasmine

So Below: amber and black copal with black coconut, Sumatran red patchouli, green cardamom pod, and golden musk.

As Above and So Below are available both individually or in a set, and layer atop one another beautifully.

Please visit the Haute Macabre Shop to reserve your bottles now. Pre-sales will be open until Halloween, please allow 4-6 weeks for fulfillment. 

Unfortunately, we are currently unable to produce Esbat due to an ingredient shortage. 


Stepping Off In Satan

Skatan Boots Dolls Kill

Truthfully, my days of being capable of walking in anything like these are long behind me, but DAMN, I have such a major crush on these shoes. Current Mood: Skatan Boots on DollsKill (I think code “trickortreat” is still valid for 15% off your order!).

**Edited to add:: Looks like the entire Halloween section is now up to 70% off! I’m absolutely kicking myself, because earlier this week I bought this for winter laziness at full price!

I’m Not A Witch

Necromancy Cosmetica I'm Not a Witch

Oh, wait, yes, I am.

The new collection from Necromancy Cosmetica launches today with four perfect fall shades: Paper Flowers, a nude mauve, Spell Caster, a metallic dark brown, Ancient Queen, metallic gold, and Grave Digger, a rust that might make its way into my personal heavy rotation.

Necromancy’s collection is what turned me back to bullet lipsticks just a few months ago. I had mostly given up on anything that wasn’t a long wear liquid to matte, finding most bullet formulas either too waxy or too drying. Their cruelty free and totally vegan formula intrigued me, and the names were just perfect. I first tried out the deep brown Oh No Nancy from their We Are The Weirdos collection, and immediately went back for more. They apply like a dream: creamy and hydrating, and actually last all day without your lips cracking or drying out.

I’m Not A Witch is available now at Necromancy Cosmetica.

Necromancy Cosmetica I'm Not a Witch

Necromancy Cosmetica I'm Not a Witch

Necromancy Cosmetica I'm Not a Witch

Necromancy Cosmetica I'm Not a Witch

Sabat Magazine: The Mother Issue

Sabat Magazine: The Mother Issue

The sophomore issue of Sabat Magazine is now available, dedicated to the growth of the Maiden into the Mother.

What is mother? This second issue of Sabat tries to cast light on what is, to me, one of the most mysterious of female archetypes. Persistent in her duality, mother is vastness, Nature, a love unyielding and beyond, sacrifice and almighty power, creation and destruction embodied. She performs the ultimate act of human magic, creating new life. Yet in this she reminds us of the cycle of life. Ripe with vitality, she is also the one who whispers of death. A memento mori at the peak of the harvest, calling us to take our place in the circle, or to come home, well knowing what that entails.

Sabat: The Mother issue features contributions from Pam Grossman, Ellen Rogers, Linda Nagler, and many more. Articles cover topics such as individual altars, Victorian ghost mother photography, and an outstanding interview with the Hood Witch, Bri Luna. The graphic design of the magazine is superb, with translucent inserts and stylistic page layouts, creating a truly beautiful tome.

Sabat’s Mother Issue is a worthwhile addition to any library. Available to purchase online or in select brick and mortar shops around the world.Sabat Magazine: The Mother Issue
Sabat Magazine: The Mother Issue

Sabat Magazine: The Mother Issue

Sabat Magazine: The Mother Issue

Sabat Magazine: The Mother Issue

Sabat Magazine: The Mother Issue

Halloween 2016 from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab: A mini review


There’s something strange and lovely wafting in the wind, and it’s not just the rustle of the dying leaves or the murmurs of the restless dead in their unquiet graves. Can you feel it, too? Can you smell it?

Can you smell the boozy swoon of ripe harvest fruits and the smoky crackling bonfires to light the cold nights? The acrid tang of animal musks, those small beasts gathering stores for the upcoming winter, while other, less fuzzy wee creatures forage for sweet smelling chocolate and candies? The aroma of fresh baked pumpkin pie, redolent of warm spices? The mournful reek of the tomb, damp with rot and tears of the bereaved?

Something wicked, weird, and whimsical this way comes, and ’tis the season to anoint oneself in all of these fantastical fall fragrances! Who better to assist in achieving our October olfactory goals than Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, with their much anticipated annual Halloween collection?


Since at least 2004 beloved perfumer Elizabeth Barrial and The Lab have been celebrating the most wonderful time of the year (“goth Christmas”, as it is known in some circles) with their splendid presentation of the strangest and most beautiful scents the season has to offer. Inspired by world mythology and history, autumnal poetry, ghostly art, and playful, sugar-laden treats, previous years have reveled in variations on such hallowed themes as the haunted house, pumpkin patches, and bobbing for apples, along with their “single notes”– cheeky interpretations of iconic seasonal sniffs.

To those for whom Halloween remains an anchor point for the entire calendar year, Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab in 2016, has once again presented their fans with collection that will keep even the most die-hard enthusiast in awash Halloweenie sights, smells, and visitations for the foreseeable future.

In the years that I have been obsessing over BPAL, I have tried a great number of the Halloweenie offerings: Samhain is truly the scent of autumn, bottled, with notes of damp fir and needle, warm pumpkin and spices, sweet apple and mullein. Witch-Bride is pale and lovely, cool and floral, with nightshade kisses, wound in hemlock blossoms, draped in wisteria veils. Sugar Skull (not available this year), a blend of five sugars, lightly dusted with candied fruits was vibrant with the joy and sweetness of life in death and redolent of musky brown sugar and rummy jellies.

For review purposes today I am mainly focusing on their Spirit of Halloween scents which are part of the ongoing Black Phoenix Salon Series wherein classical works of art are masterfully rendered in fragrance form.

V0049619 The ghost of a woman confronts her murderer on a stormy night Credit: Wellcome Library, London. Wellcome Images images@wellcome.ac.uk http://wellcomeimages.org In a graveyard, woman dressed in white with blood on her dress is appearing to a man during a thunderstorm at night, in front of Gothic ruins Aquatint 1850 Published: ca. 1850. Copyrighted work available under Creative Commons Attribution only licence CC BY 4.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/

The Ghost of a Woman Confronts Her Murderer on a Stormy Night (blackened cypress tar, bleached white cedar, asphodel, patchouli, and night-black musk). Caustic, like acid erosion on metal–straight from the bottle this does smell very much like a bloody curse, an enraged accusation. It shortly becomes pungent and tarry with a chilly bite, and then, inexplicably, a sweetly earthy, heartbreakingly delicate scent.


The Drowned Man’s Ghost Tries to Claim a New Victim for the Sea (black kelp and opoponax, silt, and dark things dredged up from the depths of a seabed).  Admittedly, I am all a-swoon for anything that lists notes of opoponax, and it lends a honeyed, balsamic quality to this lightly oceanic fragrance. As the scent lingers on the skin it smells less and less of salt spray against gull-flecked skies and more like sun-warmed resins, a chunk of myrrh sunning itself on a splintered piece of driftwood.


The Ghost of Clytemnestra Awakening the Furies (opoponax steeped in black wine, spindle tree sap, nightshade accord, yew needles, and a drop of blood). Opoponax plays a different role in this aromatic summons to the Erinyes; a bitter brew, a toxic temptation, this ghost lures us with a syrupy sweetness under which lurks a poisoned bile. This is a fragrance that attracts and repels in turn.


Four Grave Robbers Awaken a Ghost (dragon’s blood resin, olibanum, galangal, bdellium, and myrrh). To be honest, I don’t know the difference between olibanum and frankincense and I haven’t the slightest as to what galangal or bdellium are, (they’re related to ginger and myrrh, respectively–thanks Google), but this bone dry scent conjures visions of shadowy mounds of dusty dark chocolate shavings with slivers of sandalwood tucked between the sheaves, and the once you’ve fallen under it’s spell, the more arcane details just don’t seem to matter.

Date of Scan: 9/27/06 Technician: Benjamin Cline Scanner: Howtek HiResolve 8000 Software: Trident

The Gambols of Ghosts (Rivulets of beeswax and amber flame illuminating a pale blue midnight, eddying with phantom violets, olive blossom, and moss) is all tangy dairy and cool, green florals, as if a compound butter were made with fresh cream, the lightly bruised petals of spring flowers and slightly sweetened with their verdant nectar. As the scent dries on one’s skin you can smell hints of the wax paper it is wrapped in, and the viscous violet essence that has been drizzled atop in dulcet presentation. If this were an actual food, I would desire to spread it on crumbling oatcakes, served alongside afternoon tea in a fairy ring.

Have you tried any of the 2016 ‘weenies from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab? This year’s Pile of Leaves scents and the series based on Edith Wharton’s poem, “All Souls”, sound particularly enticing! Tell us your thoughts about this years offerings in the comments!

Anthropomorphic Delicacies


Rooted in our current ecological crisis, Oakland based artist Crystal Morey creates beautiful anthropomorphic sculptures imbued with poignant emotion for her upcoming exhibit, ‘Delicate Dependancies’ at Modern Eden gallery which opened on October 14. The figures are made in milk- hued porcelain, which give the work a more fragile feel than previous bodies of work, underlining the delicate balance of the human and animal bodies conjoined in each figure. Resembling devotional statues, each body represents the hope for humanity to more peacefully co-exist, evidenced in the harmonious flow of the merging of the species. Previous work showed female humans costumed in feathers or furs of different animals and birds, here, the metaphoric metamorphosis is more seamless and speculative. Lastly, putting their teeming beauty aside, the figures serve as reminders, ” The narrative I aim to create lies somewhere between an imagined space and one rooted in reality, one that entices the mind and hopefully reminds us about our deep connection with the land around us.”* The show runs until October 29th.

*Artist quote via the current print issue of Hi-Fructose magazine, in which Crystal has a 6 page spread.





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