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New Sponsor :: Burke & Hare Co

Burke & Hare CoPlease welcome our new sponsor, Burke & Hare CoBurke & Hare Co

Burke & Hare Co was established in 2011 in Milwaukee, with the goal to create speciality items of a darker aesthetic without compromising a specific refined and mature taste. Inspiration has been found from medical sciences, superstitions of the past, and spiritualism, gentlemen and lady's parlors, seances, nature, and romanticism.Burke & Hare Co Now moved to Providence, RI, the shop is growing with even more influence from classic ghost stories and New England folklore, as well as the appreciation for my own history as a girl who has always loved Siouxie, graveyards, and black cats. I have always utilized candles as decorative items both for their light and their presence, but rarely found scents and imagery specific to my interests. Motivated by the desire to possess beautiful and macabre items for myself, I created Pillars and a Scented line that I love for my own and my friends' homes. All items are unique and created with special individuals in mind.

Find Burke & Hare Co on Facebook // Instagram // Etsy

Burke & Hare Co Burke & Hare Co


Etsy Shop of the Week: Cult of Weird


Printable Ouija Valentines, $1.99

This week our Etsy Shop of the Week is Cult of Weird. Normally populated by 'antiques and curiosities' (and the occasional taxidermy sheep scrotum), right now they are featuring some of the best printable Valentine's Day cards I've seen. And it is time to start thinking about that sort of thing, after all.

il_570xN.708969859_szp3Printable Zombie Valentines, $1.99

disco witch

My Return To Rebellious Hair :: Sam’s Edition

image oVertone generously let me try out their Vibrant Orange color depositing conditioner line this month, and I am so glad they did. image After years of dying my hair a darker than the darkest dark blue-black, I switched over to varying shades of red and orange. I love having this fiery hair, but it fades fast. Anyone that has ventured into this spectrum knows how quickly bright reds dull to strawberry blondes. I last had my hair colored in late October of 2014. My hair is long - pull out of the back of my pants long - so I go a bit longer than I probably should between salon visits. Before it had faded into a pale fire, I started using the oVertone products. I have to say, they are pretty f@cking magical. image Here's some truth time :: I only wash my hair once every week or so. It helps prolong the color, I'm pretty lucky to have relatively un-oily skin, and it takes forever and a day to dry it. With that fact out there in the universe, I used the daily conditioner weekly, and the weekly treatment as a monthly. [caption id="attachment_37991" align="aligncenter" width="500"]overtone After three uses of the Vibrant Orange Daily Conditioner, and one Go Deep Vibrant Orange Deep Conditioner.[/caption] The pros :: my hair is still pretty damn orange. Typically, this far past a visit to my colorist, I'm borderline marigold, but instead now I'm a still a bright tangerine. The products smell fantastic, a clean minty scent, and they actually conditioned my hair. Neither the daily or the weekly (or in my case, weekly or monthly) left any sort of buildup, and they left my hair smooth, hydrated, and tangle free. And, all of OverTone's products are vegan and never tested on animals, so I can feel good about that on top of having the prettiest hair since Ariel. image The cons :: these are color depositing conditioners, so, yes, they deposit color not only in your hair, but on your hands and in your tub. It didn't stain terribly, my hands rinsed off quickly, and I did use gloves when using the intense treatment. My tub cleaned up quickly, too. Not a huge complaint, and it wasn't nearly as messy as the Manic Panic or Special Effects days of my youth. Do I recommend oVertone products? Absolutely. Is my hair Fanta Orange three months after being colored? No, but it's pretty damn close. Go forth, friends, and have all the colors of the rainbow stay bright atop your heads.

You may purchase oVertone color depositing hair treatments from their website, Take their Shade Test to see which line is right for you! 

Special thanks to Virginia Lee at Stardust Salon in New Orleans for granting all of my hair wishes, and having the patience to deal with my mega-long locks. Most jewels by BloodMilk. image Honorable Mentions :: Other products I use and love are :: Bumble & Bumble Gentle Shampoo as my regular shampoo Lush Big (although I use this only a few times a year, when I feel I need to seriously exfoliate my scalp) Lush No Drought Dry Shampoo in between washings Moroccan Oil - a few times a week on the ends of my hair before bed Bumble & Bumble Straight Blow Out Bumble & Bumble Brilliantine Styling Oil banner disco witch

I Told You It Was A Thing

Health-Goth_fy1Remember when I told you that Health Goth was a thing? I am now telling you that that thing has jumped the frikken' shark.  This has been your public service announcement for the day.

Health-Goth_fy5 Health-Goth_fy4 Health-Goth_fy3

Shot by Candy Kennedy for the Dec 2014 issue of Sportswear International.

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American Grotesque :: The Life and Art of William Mortensen

American Grotesque :: The Life and Art of William Mortensen Ansel Adams has called him the anti-Christ, and with admirers including Anton LaVey, William Mortensen is the master of the macabre. Shunned by his peers (Adams wasn't paying him a compliment), Mortensen fell into near obscurity after the 1940s, despite his prolific career in film and photography. After working alongside Tod Browning and Cecil B. DeMille, Mortensen explored and mastered his technique in portraying the occult in his images. Visions of witches, demons, and monsters came to life in his photographs, creating a specific look of horror unparalleled even now. Newly published from Feral House is an immense retrospective of Mortensen's career, entitled American Grotesque, and a reproduction of Mortensen's own The Command to Look, out of print for decades. American Grotesque contains over 100 plates of Mortensen's work, and a biographical account of his life along with his own eloquent manifesto called "Venus and Virtues". The Command to Look, Mortensen's own insights into psychological laws that impact the way people react to photographs and to one another. Anton LaVey was so impacted by this work that he co-dedicated The Satanic Bible to Mortensen, and included in this edition is an essay by Michael Moynihan on the influence of this book on the "lesser magic" of the Church of Satan's founder. In this modern era, we can appreciate Mortensen in a way that was perhaps taboo during his career. We have more openly embraced the occult (at least, the readers of Haute Macabre have, as I doubt we have many right wing fundamentalists in our subscribers), and can admire the grotesque, the beauty, the ecstasy, and the sadness that Mortensen has portrayed in his images. Both American Grotesque and The Command to Look are currently available to purchase via Feral House, Amazon, and many other retailers. American Grotesque :: The Life and Art of William Mortensen American Grotesque :: The Life and Art of William Mortensen American Grotesque :: The Life and Art of William Mortensen American Grotesque :: The Life and Art of William Mortensen American Grotesque :: The Life and Art of William Mortensen American Grotesque :: The Life and Art of William Mortensen

The Haute List: $100 and Under


Sugar Wrap, $99.99  ‡  Organza Inset Skirt, $79.90  ‡  First Degree Dress, $88

Kiss The Sky Dress, $79.59 ‡  Wonder Woman Top, $78  ‡  Combat Corset Dress, $79.95

Rings Harness, $98  ‡ Faux Leather Jacket, $95  ‡ One Shoulder Top, $99

Memento Mori :: The Dead Among Us

Paul Koudounaris Memento Mori Paul Koudounaris has announced the release of his third and final book on the presentation of death in sacred contexts, Memento Mori. From the publisher:
Through photos taken at more than 250 sites in thirty countries over a decade, Paul Koudoundaris has captured death around the world. From Bolivia's "festival of the little pug-nosed ones", where skulls are festooned with flowers and given cigarettes to smoke and beanie hats to protect them from the weather to Indonesian families who dress mummies and include them in their household routines; from naturally preserved Buddhist monks and memorials to genocide in Rwanda and Cambodia to the dramatic climax of Europe's great ossuaries, Memento Mori defies taboo to demonstrate how the dead continue to be present in the lives of people everywhere.
Koudounaris' previous two titles, Heavenly Bodiesand The Empire of Death, are both exquisite collections of his photographs of the reverence of death in cultures. The forthcoming title, Memento Mori, will be released in late April of this year, and is available to pre-order on Amazon. Paul Koudounaris Memento Mori Paul Koudounaris Memento Mori Paul Koudounaris Memento Mori Paul Koudounaris Memento Mori Paul Koudounaris Memento Mori Paul Koudounaris Memento Mori Paul Koudounaris Memento Mori BloodMilk banner