Strange Beauty: Adipocere Embroidery

Adipocere Embroidery

It’s impossible to not be absolutely enamored by the embroidery work of Adipocere. Hand embroidered on linen and on skin –  I am desperately hoping to eventually add the latter to my collection – each piece is a subtle glimpse into a world of dark haired girls and their night-creature companions.

New works are currently on display at Bein Art Gallery in Australia, closing September 13, with [linen] pieces available for sale. Follow Adipocere on Instagram for updates on new embroidery and upcoming exhibits.

Adipocere Embroidery

Adipocere Embroidery

Adipocere Embroidery

Adipocere Embroidery

Adipocere Embroidery

Adipocere Embroidery

New Wave Tarot

New Wave Tarot

Last Craft Designs released an updated version of their New Wave Tarot deck, featuring all our favorite artists on my Aging Goths Pandora station (yes, I’m listening to that very station right this moment).

Using tea cups as the suit of Cups, eyeliner for Wands, LP records for Disks, and microphones for Wands, the deck also comes with a fold out description with spread instructions and a storage box.

Available at

**Last Craft just provided us with an exclusive discount code for Haute Macabre readers! Use code “HAUTETAROT” at checkout for $5 off the New Wave Tarot Deck!**

New Wave Tarot

New Wave Tarot

Haute Macabre Shop Sale

Haute Macabre Pins

I can’t stop day dreaming about fall, so as an offering to the Jacket Weather Gods, I’ve put all of the lapel pins in the Haute Macabre Shop on sale.

Use code “OCTOBER” for 20% off all pins until this Friday night. 

Click here to visit the Haute Macabre Shop!

Cryptic Cosmetics: Gore Couture

Cryptic Cosmetics

Lip swatch super model DepcheGurl recently released her own liquid to matte lipstick line, Cryptic Cosmetics.

The inaugural collection, Gore Couture, is a range of five colors from a grungy mauve neutral to a deep blackened cherry. Both long wear and soft as velvet, the line is 100% vegan and cruelty free, with a dreamy vanilla scent.

Of the collection, I’ve been wearing four of the five shades for the past few weeks.. The formula is incredibly comfortable, with an intense color payoff – one swipe was all it took for an even color and product distribution. I’m missing Batwalk, the darkest shade, but the cool toned mauve, Tortured Soul, is very quickly finding a place in my favorite go-to colors.

The line is mostly sold out currently, but restock alerts will be posted to the Cryptic Cosmetics Instagram as soon as they’re available.


Cryptic Cosmetics Batwalk


Cryptic Cosmetics Tortured Soul

Tortured Soul

Cryptic Cosmetics Gore Coutore

Gore Couture

Cryptic Cosmetics Creepshow


Cryptic Cosmetics Essex


The Haute List

Ruffle Shirt, $15.90  +  Eyelet Cincher Belt, $240  +  Ouija Tank and Briefs$30 $19.99

Druzy Cuff, $21.97  +  Carmin Boot, $248  +  Square Druzy Bracelet, $22.97

Stormrider Jacket$255 $76.50  +  160MM 99Two Boot, $199  +  Devore Jacket, $107

BloodMilk Exquisite Corpse Restock Alert

Blood Milk Exquisite Corpse

The BloodMilk Exquisite Corpse Chapter I collection will be restocking wares today, Saturday, August 20 at 3pm EST. The restock will include the BloodMilk x Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab fragrances, along with the three Book Worm Tote Bags by artists Aaron Horkey, Liza Corbett, and Bill Crisafi. The first run of the candles by Three Ravens Co. will not be included in this restock, however new scents will be available for Chapter II coming later this fall.

For product descriptions and scent notes, read our previous post on the collection. I’ve had an impossible time selecting which of the three scents is a favorite, and have been alternating them daily since receiving them.

Shop the collection at and tag your purchases with #BloodMilkExquisiteCorpse and #BMEC on Instagram so that we can see your beautiful collections!

BloodMilk Exquisite Corpse

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 1.53.41 PM

BloodMilk Exquisite Corpse

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 1.56.20 PM

BloodMilk Exquisite Corpse


Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 2.13.39 PM


New Video Post- Museum of Osteology!

For years now I’ve been meaning to visit Oklahoma City’s Skulls Unlimited, one of the largest retailers or real and replica bones in the world. After all, I had been talking to those guys on the phone on and off the whole 18 years I worked at The Bone Room.  Recently they opened their own museum, The Museum of Osteology, America’s very first skeleton museum. So, since I was in Oklahoma City, I took the time to stop by and see the place in person- and it was AMAZING. It’s not huge, but they have crammed so much into the space that I feel like I could go over and over and keep seeing new things.



I’ve been working around skulls and skeletons most of my life, and there were plenty of species here I had never had the chance to see a full skeleton from. There were lots of unusual species and pathological displays, and the skeletons were beautifully prepared, perfectly assembled, and artfully posed- and I’m REALLY picky about those things.

A couple of links to stuff in the video:

Foxtail and Fern Dress



Burial Ground The Medium and The Message: Magical Transformations

Burial Ground The Medium and The Message: Magical Transformations

Burial Ground has released their long anticipated new collection, The Medium and the Message: Magical Transformations.

From designers Bill Crisafi and Jamie Mooers:

The Medium and the Message is an extension of our first collection, Way of the Mystic. These six new pieces are the physical manifestation of our imaginative efforts in communicating the harmonization of earth with stone. We see these two forces as a metaphor for the seen and unseen. Stones are small hidden beams of spectral light lying beneath the dirt, waiting to be found and harvested from the earth that envelopes them. The substance of the land fosters these portals until they are unbound into the light of day. Our new collection explores multiple ways in which metal can work with stone, primarily with raw quartz crystal. Once more, we have tied in our cherished ritual of gathering twigs from spaces sacred to us, using them to cast these expressions of the mind. Each piece aims to mirror a secluded woodland seer that trusts in the echoes of the rocks and their vibrations to tell her the past, present, and future of those that seek her guidance.

We will also be releasing a pin pre-sale of two new cloisonne pins. Both 2″ in size with black enamel and bright silver metal. The figure with the forest in her center is called Lunar Visions and the three women flying is called Forest sisters.

The Medium and the Message: Magical Transformation is available now to order via

Burial Ground The Medium and The Message: Magical Transformations

Burial Ground The Medium and The Message: Magical Transformations

Burial Ground The Medium and The Message: Magical Transformations

Burial Ground The Medium and The Message: Magical Transformations

Burial Ground The Medium and The Message: Magical Transformations

Lizz Lopez


Beautiful graphite illustrations by Los Angeles artist Lizz Lopez. Prints and even originals are available in her shop.



The Haute List

Leather Circle Skirt$350 $139.99  +  Biker Jacket with Oversize Collar$95 $38  +  Brave Soul Vest, $25

Mini Backpack, $41 +  Margot Mini Backpack, $58  +  Micro Velvet Backpack, $173

Star Print Lounge Set, $30 +  Excalibur Dress, $274 $82  +  Foil Print Scarf$16 $6.94



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