New in the Shop: Pazuzu Enamel Pins

Haute Macabre Pazuzu Pin

“Pazuzu, Lord of Fevers and Plagues, Dark Angel of the Four Winds with rotting genitals from which he howls through sharpened teeth over stricken cities….”

We are pleased to announce our latest Haute Macabre pin release, Pazuzu. Standing 1.5″ tall, the soft enamel representation of the demon of Babylonian mythology will bring plague, famine, and pestilence to all those who wear it. Some customers will also receive a complimentary possession, however there is no way to determine which of you will be selected. Should lesions, pea soup projectile vomit, or admissions of  blasphemous sexual acts occur, please consult your local priest.

As always, each Haute Macabre pin release is limited edition, so please do not hesitate to add Pazuzu to your collection. Visit the Haute Macabre Shop to purchase now.

Haute Macabre Pazuzu Pin

The Haute List

Leather Monster Loafers$310 $155  +  Hop Wedge$450 $134.40  +  Ameka Wedge$128.95 $77.37

Lace-Up Shift Dress, $68  +  Embellished Dress$350 $175  +  Faux-Leather Spanx$98 $64.90

Choupette Cap, $115  +  Cross Tee, $72  +  Yala Sandal, $169.95

Danny van Ryswyk

Danny van Ryswyk In The Name of Lucifer sculpture

Danny van Ryswyk has been slowly creeping into my peripheral vision for many months now, and his chilling figures have recently exploded into clear view. His 3D sculptures and digital art find their inspiration in Victorian Memento Mori, and an extraterrestrial experience at an early age influenced his monochromatic palette. Quiet and seemingly innocuous children are decorated with subtle demonic details, his creations walk the thin line between innocence and evil.

Danny van Ryswyk’s solo exhibition, Things Unseen, opens next month at New York City’s Last Rites Gallery.

Danny van Ryswyk Tender Loving Darkness figurine

Danny van Ryswyk  The Coming of the Rabbits new

Danny van Ryswyk White Rabbit sculpture

Danny van Ryswyk  Dont Deliver Us from Evil

Gala Darling’s Bad Witch Workout



This weekend, Gala Darling will be hosting her very own Bad Witch Workout in New York City, for those of us that cannot stand the typical gym experience. Neon workout clothing and hyper dance music make me want to murder, so I avoid gyms like the plague. I wear BlackMilk to yoga and used to go running in red lipstick, so I am seriously wishing I was in NYC for this!

Bad Witch Workout is the anti-SoulCycle. I love to workout but I absolutely cannot do it while some preppy blonde with a ponytail is barking orders at me! It makes me feel insane, and I end up looking around at the rest of the room wondering if I’m the only one hating it. I like to exercise in full winged liner while listening to Ministry, and this is NYC: I’m definitely not the only one! Bad Witch Workout is a 45 minute class for weirdos, burlesque babes, and goths who never grew out of it. Our instructor has been training people for over 10 years and his understanding of the body — and how to craft the results you want — is legendary. This is the perfect class for you if you’ve always craved Morticia Addams’ hip-to-waist ratio and don’t mind using a little magic to get it!

Passes may be purchased directly from Gala’s blog post, and we’re also giving away one free pass on Instagram! To enter, just leave a comment on our IG post telling us what your favorite gothy workout soundtrack is!


Rituel de Fille Feral

The Feral collection by Rituel de Fille has filled the void in my life of a perfectly wearable grey lipstick. Strange Creature has just enough of a saturated undertone that it pairs impeccably with the Viscera Ash and Ember Eye Soot, a metallic blood red.

Rituel de Fille is now offering sample palettes, so you can test out their products before purchasing the full size (which I guarantee that you will).

Rituel de Fille Feral

Rituel de Fille Feral

Rituel de Fille Feral

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