The Haute List: Cozy Sweater Edition


Cocoon Cardi, $32.22  ‡  Juliana Cardi, $26  ‡  Cocoon Cardi, $58

Cocoon Dress, $90.92    Vegan Diet Cardigan, $44.99  ‡   Leather Sleeve Cardi, $52.80

Space Couture Cardigan, $78  ‡  Sweater Duster, $48  Mixed Mesh Scarf, $79

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Etsy Shop of the Week : Holly Bobsuthi


Crescent Moon Knotted Leather Necklace, $250

Oakland artist Holly Bobsuthi hand crafts big, chunky, not-quite-abstracted statement necklaces in moons,  evil eyes, and more. Of course, she also makes the itsy bitsiest little moon rings you ever did see. I'm in love with her moon phase designs, which somehow look almost like a person when strung all together.


'Fortnight' moon phase necklace, $215


Rites of Spring Necklace, $365



“Karelia” Art Print by Vania Zouravliov from THE VACVVM International illustration collective, The Vacvvm, is releasing an extremely limited print tomorrow by Vania Zouravliov. Founded by Aaron Horkey and Mitch Putnam this past October, The Vacvvm is proud to release the rare personal print by Vania. Available in both a regular edition and metallic gold paper variant, "Karelia" is an 18"x18" screenprint on cotton rag take on the Krampus legend, on sale at 2PM central time on Friday, December 19 at The BloodMilk  

Everything that Creeps

Myra-Hoefer-hoof-stool   If you've ever thought to yourself "How can I make my home brighter, more light and airy- yet keep it as creepy as humanly possible?", I think I have found the answer. Myra Hoefer  Design's goat-footed benches and stools provide just the right amount of terror in case of acid trip. This one has a bit of a Pushme Pullyou thing going on... tumblr_ln5ja8kCFU1qzvxbko1_1280   For  just a hint of furniture that creeps, the rest of us might try Jardins en Fluer's Candlestick Menagerie. 9e5c0d98806499296d061e6d1f4ab23b Or perhaps you would like something in black? Try Flair Home Collection's Ostrich Foot Candle holder...c78fca4441a2e4283540fa09b3a8cb1f BPALINPOST  

Winter Orders Have Shipped, Limited Stock Remains!

bpal Hello, friends! All of the winter orders of Haute Macabre by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab have been sent off, and everyone should be expecting your mailboxes full very shortly. If you did not receive a tracking number last week, please check the email address that you use for your PayPal account, and it should be waiting there for you. There is a very small amount of overstock remaining, which are all currently available in the Haute Macabre shop. These are on an first come, first serve basis, and we do not have an estimate on when they will be available for 2015. We also have a limited number of our tank tops in a size Large remaining, which will not be printed again!

Click here to visit the Haute Macabre shop! 

bpal   Haute Macabre Tank BPALINPOST

Disco Witch Vintage

Disco Witch Vintage Tiny update this week to the Disco Witch Vintage shop! I've added a vintage fortune telling cup, vintage rosaries, a witchy book, and an All Saints dress. The Sale section has also been updated with new markdowns to make room for more pieces in the rapidly approaching new year!

Visit the Disco Witch Vintage Shop // Instagram // Facebook and sign up for the Mailing List to receive first look at upcoming listings.

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The Haute List


Cut-out Button-up, $46   Special Occasion Jacket, $125   †  Handkerchief Tee, $49

Duster Cardigan, $295  † Leather Paneled Cardigan, $173.25  Long Dress, $102

Science Dress, $89.99     Maxi Tee, $15.90  †  Black Velvet Cardigan, $55



Adipocere :: Macabre Embroidery Wonderfully dark and delicate hand embroidery by Adipocere. Sadly, the Australian artist does not yet have a shop available, but you may visit Josh's Instagram and Tumblr pages for updates. Adipocere :: Macabre Embroidery Adipocere :: Macabre Embroidery Adipocere :: Macabre Embroidery Adipocere :: Macabre Embroidery Adipocere :: Macabre Embroidery Adipocere :: Macabre Embroidery Adipocere :: Macabre Embroidery BloodMilk