Saint: A Veneration. Clint Catalyst talks with Dragula’s Saint

SAINT: A Veneration From the second competitor exterminated in season 3 of the Boulet Brothers’ Dragula to the winner of Dragula: Resurrection, the almighty Saint is now going on to compete for a chance at $100,000 on season 4 of Dragula, which premieres October 19, 2021, on AMC+’s Shudder Interview by Clint Catalyst  Clint: Saint!  […]

Legends of Drag

Harry James Hanson and Devin Antheus are capturing queer icons in their ongoing photo series, Legends of Drag, accompanied by short biographies of each Queen on Harper’s Bazaar. Lady Red Couture, Los Angeles // Gemini // co-host of Hey Queen! Passed away on July 25 of this year. “I always tell them: Don’t live in […]

Word Witchery: Lisa Marie Basile’s Magical Writing Grimoire

Earlier this year I read and was thoroughly charmed by Lisa Marie Basile‘s dreamily empowering Light Magic for Dark Times: More than 100 Spells, Rituals, and Practices for Coping in a Crisis –which Bust Magazine refers to as “The Artist’s Way for witches” (and wow, do I love that.) But in the past year or […]

Haute Haunts: Cassadaga, Florida

Remember “going places”? Ah, those were the days, weren’t they? In the spirit of once again leaving the neighborhood and going on adventures and explorations when the world is once more safe and healthy (or as safe and healthy as it can get, I guess), and also in the spirit, of well…spirits…I thought I might […]

Sex & Black Magic: Star Rubies

A powerful aphrodisiac, Rubies enhance awareness of sexual and mystical perception. Historically worn by both warriors and priestesses, Ruby activates your Base Chakra, your Life Force Energy, with a renewed sense of sexuality and sensuality. Rubies are extremely helpful in diminishing feelings of sexual trauma or dysfunction and notions of self-harm, including sexual shame or […]

Shadow Self by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

Shadow Self: Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab for Haute Macabre

The new perfume blend by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab for Haute Macabre: Shadow Self Myrrh, opoponax, smoked lavender buds, Australian sandalwood, clary sage, copoiba and tolu balsams, hyssop, self-heal, and rue with a glimmer of frankincense, green tea absolute, white lotus absolute, and pink lotus petals. Please note that Shadow Self contains solid plant material and […]

Many Moons 2022 Lunar Planner Has Landed!

Modern Women is thrilled to introduce the next installment in the Many Moons series, the Lunar Planner for 2022!  This magical 7” x 9” planner follows the Gregorian 2022 calendar year, with all magic holidays, observed holidays & bank holidays for the USA (Northern Hemisphere). It also has every Moon phase and signs the Moon is […]

Goth is Dead. Long Live Goth.

Goth is Dead. Long Live Goth Remembrances of a New Grave Past in San Francisco by Clint Catalyst Folks relocate to San Francisco for lots of reasons.  There’s the stuff of tourist pamphlets: temperate weather, gorgeous views, a constantly shifting kaleidoscope of moods and sensations.  Then there’s the city’s reputation for having an innovative and […]

From the Archives: The Enfield Poltergeist

Last weekend, I wound up watching the first two Conjuring movies (I had no idea there was a third!) and fell back into the rabbit hole of the Enfield Poltergeist. From the Haute Macabre Archives, first posted in April of 2019. Perhaps due to the famed medium Lorraine Warren passing this week, I’ve been back […]

Portable Magic

A new selection of palm stones and pocket pebbles are now available, the perfect portable size to keep crystal friends with you when on the go.  Included in the update are: Moonstone Palm Stones for those going through a transitional phase.Sodalite Palm Stones for writers to call upon the muse. WItches’ Cross Pocket Pebbles to connect with the fae.Howlite Palm Stones to […]


October’s Dark Moon fragrance: PHANTASMAGORIA Sweet indigo labdanum, mugwort herb and oil, black rose petals, bitter clove, lavender buds, aged red patchouli, ink-black vegetal musk, myrrh, and dark, velvet-smooth spices. Phantasmagoria, blended exclusively for the Haute Macabre Apothecary by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. Please note: this oil contains solid plant materia. 

Saint: A Veneration. Clint Catalyst talks with Dragula’s Saint

SAINT: A Veneration From the second competitor exterminated in season 3 of the Boulet Brothers’ Dragula to the winner of Dragula: Resurrection, the almighty Saint is now going on to compete for a chance at $100,000 on season 4 of Dragula, which premieres October 19, 2021, on AMC+’s Shudder Interview by Clint Catalyst  Clint: Saint!  […]

All Crystals 20% Off!

All Crystals are now 20% off at checkout with code “Virgo” The entire Crystal Collection is 20% off right now in the Haute Macabre Shop! Please note, shipping is currently paused until I am able to return to the studio after evacuating due to Hurricane Ida. My estimate is fulfillment will resume in approximately 2 weeks. […]

Microdosing, Microblogging

External Influences: Violet Chachki’s Best Fashion Moments are a Masterclass in Modern Pin-Up Style Nick Cave’s The Red Hand Files Supernatural America: The Paranormal in American Art Alexander McQueen: Anemones Project X Magazine Archive Paris is Still Burning in These Photos These Polariods of Chris Meloni gave me life. Needful Things:(My current interests / obsessions)  […]

How To Wear Returning To Activities You Used To Love In An Effort To Mitigate The Deleterious Effects Of Your Obsessive Social Media Consumption

I’ve been struggling lately. I know I am not alone; I believe we all encounter this particular phenomenon in the 21st century and I don’t think it necessarily does me any good belaboring the point, if not only to say that yes–I too suffer from this modern-day affliction of social media comparisons. Sometimes when I […]

A Mini-Review of Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab’s Winter 2020 Scents

I’m titling this a “mini-review” even though it is in fact a full dozen scents from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab’s Winter 2020 collection being written about here. I’m just trying to manage expectations! Fir Needle and Smoke In the past year or so, my partner and I have switched gears about our future plans and […]

February 2021 Tarotscopes by Sarah Faith Gottesdiener

In the second month of this year, the themes of the Hierophant, its teacher card Temperance, and/or your Tarot Card of the Year could begin to be more apparent in your personal life. The Hierophant asks us to focus on the work of our life, our own spiritual practice, and our direct relationship with divinity […]

Haute Grief: Empress Elisabeth of Austria’s Mourning Mask and Veil

Empress Elisabeth of Austria was fanatically devoted to her physical appearance. She remains famous for her elaborate and very time-consuming daily and evening beauty regimens, including spending at least three hours each day tending to her extremely long hair. She also stopped sitting for portraits after the age of 32 so as to maintain a […]

Weekly Eyeball Fodder

“Virgin in Adoration”, collage by @clayshaper. Original work by Quentin Metsys (1466–1530). @voglio.benedict // VOGLIO BENE “Portrait of Ala” by @anthonyazekwoh // Anthony Azekwoh @elisaseitzinger // Elisa Seitzinger Medusa by @juliedillonart // Julie Dillon “Mara” by @margo_kai @tinorodriguezartist // Tino Rodriguez “Moth girls” by @aleksandra_czudzak // Aleksandra Czudzak “In my feelings” by @_lauraberger_ // Laura […]

15 Minutes of ‘Fume: In the Shadow Room

Tom and Galen of Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab review our latest collaborative scent, In the Shadow Room, in their “15 Minutes of ‘Fume” series on YouTube! The complete HM x BPAL collection is now available in the Haute Macabre Apothecary, and all orders over $35 will receive a free imp sized “Aevum”, our limited edition […]

Stacked: Autumn/Winter 2020

Sarah Darkly: Blackness and America’s Gothic Soul by Leila Taylor Darkly was an illuminating, insightful read that gave me pause with every sentence. Part personal memoir, part cultural critique, part valuable history lesson, Taylor meditates on the Black experience and gothic culture through a collection of observations on music, film, art, philosophy, architecture, decay, and […]

January 2021 Tarotscopes by Sarah Faith Gottesdiener

January 2021 Tarotscopes  Witches and quantum physicists know that time is not linear. Our relationship with time is a complex one. We are both confined by and transcend time. All artists and magicians know that creativity allows us to collaborate with time, not lament it. What rituals, creative projects, and new years do is mark […]

Go Heathen or Go Home: An Interview With Kristen J. Sollee

Kristen J. Sollée is a Haute Macabre favourite, and for good reason. Her first two books, Witches, Sluts, Feminists and Cat Call, deftly weave pop culture with academia, social justice with humour, and research with memoir. They’re complex in the best way, but you’ll still attempt to devour them in one sitting. I love them. […]

Sarah’s Year-End Needful Things

Friends, I haven’t got a thoughtful intro for this 2020 year-end version of Needful Things. It was a crappy year. Today I am sharing with you a list of things, sometimes small, or mundane, or banal things, that made it better. To coin a phrase from Maika, “fingers, toes, and tentacles crossed” that 2021 will […]

Weekly Eyeball Fodder

This last gallery of visual phantasmagoria and fantastical ocular flotsam for the year is a bit more melancholic and moody than usual, as my mood in these final days of 2020 is especially dark. But that’s only what I see when I gaze upon these works, and I like to think that art is neither […]

Liminal Flares: Unlearning the Gender Binary

“His body and mind went about their different business. The former freed from conscious instruction, breathed, rolled, sweated, and digested. The latter went dreaming. First, of Manhattan served on a plate, sculpted in perfect detail. Then of a waiter, speaking in a whisper, asking if sir wanted night; and of night coming in the form […]

Smelling Notes on Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab’s 2020 Autumn ‘Weenies

Well, it wouldn’t be 2020 if we weren’t talking about Halloween perfume reviews in December, right? But around the shadowy and haunted corridors of Haute Macabre every day is Halloween– and so too is the case for the spooky scent sorcerors at Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. And I imagine you might feel the same way, […]

Luminous Linens To Get You Through the Winter

The world is ending, the sky is dark, and as we pace between our too-few rooms from sunrise to sunset, the bedroom continually calls out in whispers. Respite, it promises. A new day. Or perhaps just a chance at temporary obliteration. Bedrooms are sacred, liminal spaces. They shock in the morning, alarms going off and […]