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Dumortierite Bracelet
  • Dumortierite Bracelet
  • Dumortierite Bracelet

Dumortierite Bracelet

Haute Macabre


Here you will be purchasing one intuitively and energetically selected Dumortierite bracelet, selected just for you. Please note that each piece is unique and individual and will vary from what is pictured here.


Dumortierite stretchy bracelet

Dumortierite breaks your codependent habits and relationships, highlighting toxicity within them and aids you in setting your own boundaries. The realization of unhealthy connections with other people is a powerful step in the self-healing process, and dumortierite reminds you that you cannot fix others but you can fix yourself.

Work with this stone when it is time to cut the cords of a stuck and stagnant relationship, allowing it to assist you to move on and level up. 

Dumortierite is also a powerful aide in psychic development, stimulating the brain intellectually, and amplifying your ability to make intuitive leaps, specifically within divination. 

I recommend Dumortierite to tarot readers and diviners, in addition to those out there feeling stuck in their relationships and not sure where to find the exit. Dumortierite makes a power couple with black kyanite



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