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Lapis Sphere (small)
  • Lapis Sphere (small)
  • Lapis Sphere (small)

Lapis Sphere (small)

Haute Macabre

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Here you will be purchasing one intuitively and energetically selected Lapis Lazuli sphere, selected just for you. Please note that each piece is unique and individual and will vary from what is pictured here.


Lapis Lazuli is said to contain the soul of the gods. Activating the higher mind and psychic abilities, lapis is a stone of truth and initiation, setting the user on the path of initiation and self knowledge.

Enhancing magical & ritual work, it is encouraged for you to wear or hold Lapis during transformative rites. It was used in ancient Egyptian funerary rites to assure passage to the underworld, and aides in rebirth and regeneration from these journeys. The pyrite inclusions throughout the cobalt blue assist in acting on your highest ideals and visions, enabling you to recognize your sovereignty and lifting your self-imposed limitations.

Resembling a starry night sky, forms connections to themes of fate and destiny via its celestial attributes. Psychic awareness is increased, as is focus, which is why Lapis Lazuli is a powerful magical tool.

Rulership, mastery, and expansion are keywords to think of when working with Lapis Lazuli: these do not have to have the negative connotation that might come to mind, but instead, associate them with the benefic attributes of Jupiter (Zeus) or Venus (Aphrodite), both having associative relationships with Lapis Lazuli, along with Isis, Hathor, Ma’at, Ishtar / Inanna, and Nuit.


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