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Rhodonite Palm Stone

Rhodonite Palm Stone

Haute Macabre


Here you will be purchasing one intuitively and energetically selected small rhodonite palm stone, selected just for you. Please note that each piece is unique and individual and will vary from what is pictured here.


Rhodonite amplifies forgiveness and releases trauma, promoting unselfish love. It removes self-blame and the shame and guilt that can accompany being victimized by abuse. It silences gaslighting, especially self-gaslighting such as “I’m just being dramatic or over-sensitive”, “It’s my fault they treated me poorly”, and all of the lies we tell ourselves to excuse another's bad behavior.

Rhodonite will help you to understand your purpose by releasing your trauma bonds, assisting you in realizing your self-worth and your personal destiny.

Named for the Greek word for Rose Red, Rhodonite creates a power couple with Rose Quartz for love of all kinds, and Garnet, for manifesting your dreams.


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