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Bloodstone Pocket Pebble

Bloodstone Pocket Pebble

Haute Macabre


Here you will be purchasing one intuitively and energetically selected Bloodstone Pocket Pebble, selected just for you. Please note that each piece is unique and individual and will vary from what is pictured here.


Purifier / Ancestral Healing / Vitality

Bloodstone provides courage and solace for those who self-sacrifice. Dispelling negative patterns, it heals the ancestral line, putting you on the correct course of action. Especially potent for those that are self-sacrificial, it provides courage and solace when having to sacrifice yourself for the greater good of the community. Bloodstone helps you to adjust to new circumstances, protecting you and granting you courage.

Providing strength and vitality, bloodstone keep your blood moving with momentum and purpose. Bloodstone has healing properties specifically pertaining to the blood and blood flow, physically keeping it in motion and healing the psychological and psychical coding written within our DNA. 

Warding off undesirable influence, bloodstone is protective when traveling between the realms within the liminal space. What is blood, but the fluid that runs through life and death, and bloodstone is a memento more: it assists in facing the realities of physical mortality.

Called “heliotrope” in ancient times, from two Greek words meaning “sun-turner” (however, heliotrope is translucent and bloodstone is opaque). In the Middle Ages, it was believed this stone would make the wearer invisible. The Victorians wore it to signal “I mourn your absence”, and in Ancient Babylon it was used to overcome enemies and banish evil. Bloodstone also has a link to the Christ mythology, with a legend that it was formed from the blood of the Christ dripping onto the stone beneath the crucifix he was martyred upon.

Bloodstone Power Couples:
Carnelian for Vigor
Malachite for Healing the Ancestral Line
Moonstone for Liminality


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