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Rose Quartz Bowl 5
  • Rose Quartz Bowl 5
  • Rose Quartz Bowl 5

Rose Quartz Bowl 5

Haute Macabre


There is something so simplistic and perfect about Rose Quartz. It emanates comfort and security, a soft, gentle healing. Holding a piece of rose quartz is holding the hand of a soul you love, the euphoria of calm and contentment.

A great and powerful healer of the heart, mending our broken and hardened hearts, Rose Quartz dissolves the walls we have built around ourselves to allow love to enter. Allowing love is one of the most difficult acts to accomplish, shedding the fear and apprehension is more difficult than it should be. We engage in destructive behavior so easily, and yet find it so difficult to accept kindness, affection, and love in all forms, something that is going to be the most rewarding act is met with the most aversion and apprehension.

Rose Quartz assists in lowering the gates and drawbridges of protection that have isolated us, without being abrasive or intrusive. It gently soothes the pain of the heart, a balm for grief and despair, a relief for trauma, and on a softer note, amplifies compassion, harmony, and soul connection.

I keep rose quartz on my Venus Aphrodite altar and keep it next to my bed. Rose Quartz is an excellent ally in self-care and glamour rituals. 

Rose Quartz Power Couples:

*Please note, the images in the gallery were taken under different lighting conditions. The darker background was in diffused natural light, and the white background was in studio lighting. 


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