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Garnet (Personal Collection) 3
  • Garnet (Personal Collection) 3
  • Garnet (Personal Collection) 3
  • Garnet (Personal Collection) 3

Garnet (Personal Collection) 3

Haute Macabre


Named after the Latin word for “pomegranate”, and linked to the Persephone myth, in which the goddess was kidnapped by Pluto and brought to the underworld to rule as his queen. Use garnet to protect and guide you to and from your trips to the underworld. A highly protective stone, it acts as a deflective armor: any harm meant onto you will bounce back onto your enemies.

It is fitting to release these now, as garnets have ties to the rebirth of spring, while the snowdrops are pushing up out of the cold dirt outside. It is snowing now, but yesterday I walked through the woods and saw the white petals dotting the ground, they bow towards Persephone and grow while she rises from the Underworld.

Garnet is a powerful aphrodisiac, corresponding to the sacral chakra, increasing your libido and your confidence. It keeps your blood pumping, remove your inhibitions, and stoke the fires of your passions.

Garnet Power Couples:

Pair with Carnelian to stoke the fires of vitality, courage, & confidence

Pair with Rubellite, Ruby, or Red Tiger’s Eye for increased libido & sex magic

Pair with Obsidian for Protection & Shadow Work


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