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Fumigations of the Seven Planets

Fumigations of the Seven Planets

Hadean Press


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In Fumigations of the Seven Planets, author S. Aldarnay offers alternatives to the recipes found in the Three Books of Occult Philosophy based on the principles laid down by Agrippa himself.

The recipes in this pamphlet have been compiled using the writing of Cornelius Agrippa, the author of the famous Three Books of Occult Philosophy. In these books, Agrippa outlines the history of and working behind much western magic including lengthy chapters dedicated to the influences of the seven classical planets (the Sun, the Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn) on the world, and their applications in magical working. Due to the inclusion of many animal parts or poisonous ingredients, many practitioners may feel perturbed at creating these recipes in their original form.

Fumigations of the Seven Planets
S. Aldarnay
A Guide to the Underworld.
Published in September, 2013.
16 pages.


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