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Shungite Tower (small)

Shungite Tower (small)

Haute Macabre


Keywords:  Detox, Cleanse, Antioxidant

Over two billion years old, Shungite is a solid black energy that works to detoxify your body and psyche. Comprised primarily of fullerenes carbon, it is a powerful antioxidant, and also intensely counteracts electromagnetic fields (EMF) emissions.

Not only are we bombarded with these energies from modern, physical sources such as cell phones, appliances, and powering our homes and lives, EMF emissions can be magnified and created by the presence of (potentially unwelcome) spectral visitors. These energies can have physical impacts on us that manifest as nausea, a feeling of being “watched”, all of the haunted house vibes that create a sense of unease.

Shungite is not a spectral repellant, but rather absorbs and deflects these electromagnetic energies, and detoxifies the physical body to rid it of these effects.

I recommend Shungite for everyone in this modern era of electronic pollution + anyone feeling that they might be experiencing a haunting. 


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