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Papa Legba: A Workbook

Papa Legba: A Workbook

Hadean Press


Hadean Press Pamphlet 

Papa Legba: A Workbook describes Legba’s origins, temperament, songs, colours, and gives recipes for libations and baths. It also describes Legba’s mirror and opposite, Met Kalfou, with songs and workings to aid one in working with this spirit.

Papa Legba is the Haitian Vodou Lwa that guards the doorway between the physical world and the spiritual world, who decides who and what can enter. This booklet should be used as an early way through the dark, not as a substitute for traditional education within an oral tradition. 

Papa Legba: A Workbook
Ya sezi Bo Oungan
A Guide to the Underworld.
Published in July, 2019.
24 pages.


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