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The Red Dreaded Spindle

The Red Dreaded Spindle

Hadean Press


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In The Red Dreaded Spindle, author Sasha Ravitch forges a pact negotiated at the crossroads of Astrolatry and Stellar Witchcraft, defined by a living relationship between the Witch and her initiation into the cultus of the Stinger Stars of Scorpius. 

This devotional guide weaves sanguinated silk threads into a web of research and observable phenomena, case studies and pattern-tracing, scried-spirits and gnosis from visionary ecstasies. The scarlet ligatures of folklore and spirit-work featured within these pages trace a celestial blueprint through which one crafts and consecrates a devotional stellar fetish via the light-refracting arte of starry witchcrafting.

‘This work is a seduction of the senses, and also exists as the relaxed evidence of considerable experience in her art. Ravitch brings both learning and passion to the tail of the scorpion, and has teachings here for the witches who are pulled by its influence.’ - Lee Morgan

‘For those who seek inoculation into the hypnotic mysteries of the venom-bearing queens, this potent tract is invaluable.’ - Diana Rose Harper

‘This is a star lore of the dirt, of spit, of the near and close, of the familiar and the under-foot for the crimson light of the Scorpion Stars.’ - Jesse Hathaway Diaz

The Red Dreaded Spindle: An Astrolater’s Guide to the Stinger Stars of Scorpius
Sasha Ravitch
Cover and interior art by J. M. Hamade
A Guide to the Underworld.
Published October 2022.
20 pages.


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